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Special offers during your stay

  • Body wrapping with Lipolit CC & GRAPEFRUIT & CECROPIA cream
    1.3. - 30.4.2023 
    90 min, 56 € 49 €

    The active ingredients work together to reduce fat cells and eliminate the residual products from the skin. The procedure has a strong cooling effect and is also suitable for people who have problems with broken veins.

  • Lymphatic drainage (PRESSO)
    1.3. - 30.4.2023 
    40 min, 29  24 €

    Presso lymphatic drainage accelerates the lymphatic flow, detoxification, and clearance of excessive fluids. 
  • Med Contour
    1.3. - 30.4.2023 
    Up to 120 min240 € 140 €

    Body shaping method with immediate effects. Even after the first visit, your waist, thighs, and buttocks will be reduced by up to 2.5 cm, while the cellulite situation and skin tone will visibly improve.
  • Cavitation
    1.3. - 30.4.2023 
    40 min49  43 €

    A non-invasive, painless and effective method of body shaping, reducing fat cells; a safe alternative to liposuction.

  • Cleopatra ritual with body massage (Afrodita)
    1.3. - 30.4.2023 

    90 min, 85 € 73 €

    The ritual starts with a sugar scrub and Sweet Honey mask with royal jelly and coconut oil, followed by a massage with Sweet Honey butter and Sweet Vanilla. The treatment nourishes the skin and stimulates blood circulation.

Please enquire at the hotel reception for more information on special offers during your stay. * All other discounts are mutually exclusive

Activities and events in the resort

  • Activities and events for guests

    Every day, guests can choose from a variety of sports activities, from activities in the pool and Nordic walking to workouts, or join us for a social evening of bingo or a picture quiz. We also organise various daytrips where we discover the beauty of Ptuj and the idyllic landscape, the local sights and the gastronomy.

  • Advice for a trip
    An artist or an explorer? An adventurer or an adrenalin enthusiast? In every case, we have some advice to make your stay nice! There are also many organised excursions. For more detailed information, please enquire with the staff at reception or our entertainment coordinators, who will gladly provide you with useful advice.

Events in Terme Ptuj and the Surrounding Area

  • Brunch “Easter goodies"
    Sunday, 16 April 2023, from 12.00 to 15.00 
    Sunday culinary pampering at the Grand Hotel Primus restaurant.

    23,90 €/person, children up to 12 years of age 13,90 €. Free of charge for children up to 4 years of age.
  • Salon Sauvignon 2023

    Salon Sauvignon is a festival of wine, cuisine and fine arts. It brings together winemakers, restaurateurs, wine lovers and gourmets, music, poetry and fine arts. Among the variety of continental wine varieties that Styria has, Sauvignon is best suited to Ptuj. In its expression, Sauvignon is both youthful and mature, open and mysterious. Just like a city that builds its vitality in creativity and the delivery of high culture based on the stories of a thousand-year history.

    More info

Daytrips in Terme Ptuj and the surrounding area

  • Ptuj – the treasury of the millennia
    Ptuj, Slovenia’s oldest town, boasts a rich and colourful past. Most of the town centre is protected as a monument of cultural and historical significance. Walk around the old town centre, enjoy the beautiful view from Ptuj Castle and relax on the shores of the Ptuj Sea. From Terme Ptuj, the town can be reached on foot or by bus. There is a bus stop next to the resort.
    Photo: Luka Karlin, Studio Virc,
  • Ptuj Castle
    Situated on a hill overlooking the town centre, this majestic fort boasts enchanting views of Ptuj, its surroundings and Lake Ptuj. In the castle, you can see the sumptuously furnished rooms, furniture from the feudal period, carnival masks, collections of weapons and musical instruments and the castle gallery.
    Photo: Nejc Suhadolnik,
  • The Ptuj wine cellar
    Distinguished by over 700 years of tradition, the Ptuj wine cellar is the oldest in Slovenia. The oldest wine in its archive is Zlata trta (Golden Vine), which dates back to 1917. The wine cellar features sound and light effects that make the beautiful carved wooden barrels even more memorable.
  • The wine-growing area of Haloze
    There is a long tradition of wine-growing in the Ptuj area. Haloze is a landscape of low, rolling hills. To the south across the Dravinja, there are steeper hills such as Donačka gora and Boč that are popular hiking destinations. Between Ptuj and Zavrč, Borl Castle stands on an imposing rock overlooking the Drava.
  • Slovenske gorice
    There are a number of themed, cycling and hiking trails in Slovenske gorice, the hilly wine-growing area between the Mura and the Drava. The countryside is dotted with countless small churches and agritourism farms, where visitors can enjoy a homemade lunch and a tasting of local wines.
  • A visit to the Kurent workshop (Spuhlja)
    The Kurent is the most popular of all the traditional carnival characters in the Ptuj region. For generations, the Klinc family in Spuhlja near Ptuj has been involved in making the traditional Kurent costumes. They are created in the “Kurent workshop” by the renowned costume-maker Marko Klinc.
  • Mystical heritage
    In the area around Ptuj, you can relive the Medieval adventure of Parsifal’s quest for the Holy Grail and other hidden treasures and visit one of the ancient temples dedicated to the god Mithras, the mystical Ptujska gora mountain or the Jupiter temple on Grajski grič. These are believed to be special areas of harmonious balance.
  • The Ptuj Sea – Ranca
    For our active guests, a visit to the Ranca sports and recreation centre on the shores of the Ptuj Sea is a must. From Terme Ptuj, it can be reached on foot or by bike. Cycling and running enthusiasts will enjoy the trail that loops around the lake. In the summer, the lake offers a wealth of water sports and activities.
  • The Roman games
    Held in the second half of August in Ptuj, the Roman games bring to life the customs and events of the year 69, when the Roman encampment of Poetovio hosted a meeting of the commanders of all the legions in the Podonavje region. The stories of the nobles, soldiers, free citizens and slaves of the day play out in various shows and performances.
    Photo: Mankica Kranjec, TZPtuj
  • Mariborsko Pohorje
    Mariborsko Pohorje is the largest ski centre in Slovenia. Visitors can take a ski lift to the summit to enjoy the magnificent views. In the summer, Pohorje offers a bike park, a summer sledding track and countless hiking trails. It can also be explored on horseback.
  • The Vurberk Castle and Adventure Park
    Visit the remains of the mysterious Vurberk Castle near Ptuj and absorb the healing energy at the many energy points there. The Vurberk Adventure Park is situated nearby. Climbing enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies can try their hand at three treetop courses of various difficulty levels.
  • Little Red Riding Hood’s fairytale forest
    Enjoy a family adventure in Little Red Riding Hood’s fairytale forest (Mohorkova graba). In the fairytale houses set in natural green surroundings, you will find scenes from famous fairytales. The fairytale houses are open from Friday to Sunday.

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