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Social responsibility and sustainable development

17 development goals for a better tomorrow

Our Sustainable Development Goals: The 2030 Agenda, adopted in 2015 by 193 United Nations Member States. With it, they set 17 development goals, with a strong vision of transforming our world, which encourages us to take the brave and transformative steps that are urgently needed to put the world on a sustainable and enduring path. The Agenda’s Sustainable Development Goals (CTRs) aim to mobilize action over the next decade to eradicate poverty and hunger, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. The goals are designed to work in the spirit of partnership and pragmatism to improve life in a sustainable way - for our children and future generations.

Sustainable development goals at Sava Hotels & Resorts: We are following the 2030 Agenda by:

  • respecting our exceptional natural resources,
  • caring for healthy waters with proven effects,
  • caring for the health and well-being of our guests,
  • maintaining a clean and healthy environment,
  • ensuring we have satisfied and responsible employees, 
  • creating innovative green experiences, 
  • innovating infrastructure for health and wellness programmes,
  • fostering knowledge and awareness,
  • connecting with the local environment, 
  • respecting the local environment, tradition and history, 
  • caring for green and healthy local communities at our destinations
  • returning to nature.
                      In doing so, we seek to make a special contribution to the four goals of the United Nations in the field of sustainable development, namely the goal of health and well-being, clean water and sanitation, responsible production and use and the goal of climate action.

                      We are focusing on the 3 pillars of social responsibility and sustainable development

                      • Environmental impact
                        We strive for efficient use of energy and renewable resources, reducing water consumption and educating guests about its efficient use. We are also reducing our negative impact on the environment by separating waste and reducing organic waste in kitchens.
                      • Social impact
                        We strive for the development of a social community (we employ people from the local area, cooperate with local suppliers, support local communities, etc.) and try to integrate the local environment, tradition and history into our products. Another mission of ours is to care for the well-being and health of our guests and employees by promoting a healthy lifestyle. 
                      • Economic impact
                        Our progress-oriented business strategy allows us to develop products that are authentic and contribute to the development of local communities and the area itself, helps create positive societal results and allows for higher prices and consequently fewer guests, thus reducing environmental impact.

                      How we reduce environmental impact at Sava Hotels & Resorts

                      • Energy
                        • Energy efficiency, use of renewable energy sources.
                        • Renovating for improved energy efficiency.
                        • Reducing the consumption of electricity and other energy sources.
                        • Using renewable energy - geothermal water and solar energy.
                        • Implementing modern environmentally friendly machines and devices.
                        • Introducing LED lighting in renovations.
                        • Using key cards to enable/disable electricity in the rooms. 
                        • Use of daylight whenever possible. 
                        • Electric vehicle charging stations. 
                        • Sensible room ventilation.
                      • Water
                        • Reducing water consumption.
                        • Using thermal water for heating.
                        • Educating guests and local communities with advice about the efficient use and importance of drinking water.
                        • Promoting the drinking of tap water.
                        • Offering guests the option of not changing their towels / bed linen every day.
                        • Wastewater treatment plants.
                              • Waste
                                • Waste separation (tips for proper waste separation for guests).
                                • Reducing organic waste in our kitchens, which we have achieved by ordering produce as needed, ordering already cleaned vegetables, exercising close control over delivered food and rejecting substandard food, using up food before its expiry date, complying with normative consumption estimates of produce and preparation of food to order, etc.

                              • CO2
                                • Reduction of emissions and environmental impacts - heating, Sava Hoteli Bled uses remote heating, Zdravilišče Radenci uses co-generation from CO2 and collectors.
                                • Heat pumps with no CO2 emissions.

                              Developing the natural environment

                              Planting of green areas and trees in the vicinity of our facilities.
                              Discontinuing plastic straws and cups - corn starch containers.
                              Careful planning of menus and selection of dishes / foods. Most foods are prepared to order and according to the number of guests and the expected level of consumption for each meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner)..
                              Raising guests' and employees' awareness on a responsible attitude towards food.
                              Reducing the use of plastic products.
                              Replacement of hotel cosmetics for non-packaged products.
                              Dehydration of organic waste - we remove the water to reduce the weight and volume, which results in lowering the cost of organic waste disposal by 20 to 50%.
                              Using environmentally friendly cleaning agents.
                              Minimizing the use of nature-friendly paper.
                              Breakfast foods (sliced cheeses, salami and cured meats,…) are stored separately on a platter, covered with foil and marked with the date of storage and the date of use.
                              Using bio-degradable and environmentally friendly materials.
                              Reducing the use of chemicals for disinfection of sanitary and bathing water.
                              Ready-made dishes (cooked sausages, hot dogs, eggs, vegetables…) are used for the second meal on the same day.

                              Sustainability certificates and Eco standards

                              Operation in accordance with acquired quality standards and certificates:

                              ISO standards (ISO 14001 in Zdravilišče Radenci),
                              energy certificates (Grand Hotel Primus - Terme Ptuj, Hotel Savica Garni - Sava Hoteli Bled),
                              certificates for healing thermal and mineral waters,
                              STO standards for cycling and hiking hotels in Terme 3000 - Moravske Toplice and Zdravilišče Radenci,
                              EU Ecolabel flower (Hotel Savica Garni - Bled),
                              Green Key (Hotel Park, Rikli Balance Hotel and Kavarna Park - Bled, Hotel Histrion - Portorož)
                              Slovenia Green Cuisine (Kavarna Park - Bled)
                              Green Accommodation - Green accommodation providers of Slovenia (Hotel Park - Bled and Hotel Histrion - Portorož)

                              Learn more about certifications and sustainability labels in Sava Hotels & Resorts.

                              Responsible procurement

                              Green chain of suppliers (inclusion of local producers in the supply chain).
                              Reducing our carbon footprint by including local suppliers in the supply chain.

                              How we make sure to have a positive social impact at Sava Hotels & Resorts

                              • Development of the social community

                                • We employ people from the local environment as much as possible.
                                • When developing products and stories, we take inspiration from the local environment, tradition and history.
                                • When equipping our facilities, we use natural or environmentally friendly materials and work with local service providers.
                                • We support the local community in the fields of sports, culture, education and ecology.
                                • Teambuilding programmes in collaboration with small local entrepreneurs, artisans and farmers.
                                • Promotion of local producers and service providers at the destination in the form of markets and expos.
                                • Using local culinary service providers in events.
                                • We encourage our guests to visit local curiosities and sights and attend excursions.
                                • We support the community of tourism professionals.
                                • We help families and children in need.
                                • We always try to provide as much accessibility for the disabled as possible.

                              • Care for our guests' well-being and health
                                • Caring for our guests' well-being and health is our mission. 
                                • We promote a healthy lifestyle - taking care of yourself: with wellness, healthcare, we advise guests to take some time just for themselves; a healthy diet with the Be Fit programme (Terme Ptuj) and Choose Healthy (Zdravilišče Radenci), we encourage active free time activities with walks, hikes, Nordic walking, cycling; we share tips for excursions and make guests aware of the beneficial effects of our thermal-mineral waters on their well-being.

                              • Sustainable products and experiences
                                • Sustainable products and experiences in our destinations that reflect the area's rich natural and cultural heritage and local identity.
                                • Promoting local entrepreneurs, craftsmen and agricultural producers.
                                • Participating in biodiversity conservation projects.
                                • Participating in festivals and events that support local culture or identity.
                              • Sponsorships and donations
                                Each year, we allocate around 100 thousand euros for donations and sponsorships, which primarily support the local area and are aimed at helping children and families in need.
                                Among others, Sava Turizem d.d. has been actively supporting the Association of Friends of Youth Moste-Polje for many years. Every year, we enable families in need to spend their summer holidays at our destinations and organize day trips to our thermal parks. We also provide bathing and other services to many associations and voluntary organizations from our operations' local environment. In addition, we work with the Association of Friends of Youth Moste-Polje every December to provide financial assistance to children and families in need.
                              • Sustainability initiatives in relation to guests
                                • Rewards for environmentally friendly behaviour.
                                • Closing taps, separating waste, washing towels, using running drinking water, limiting the use of plastics, food: take as much as you can eat, eat whatever you take, turn off the lights, minimize waste on trips.
                                • Raising awareness about the importance of local animal and plant species.
                                • Raising awareness about sustainable behaviour in everyday life.
                                • The importance of physical activity as part of our programmes.
                                • Tips for a healthy lifestyle.

                              How we make sure to have a positive economic impact at Sava Hotels & Resorts

                              • Development-oriented business strategy that influences the development of the local area
                                • By developing authentic products, we contribute to the development of local communities and the area itself.
                                • We ensure healthy competition through constant development and innovation in all fields.
                              • Creating a positive result for society
                                • Responsibility towards owners in creating a positive result.
                                • A development-oriented business strategy enables us to set higher prices and reach our business goals with a smaller number of guests, thus reducing the
                                • Optimization of resources, processes and business strategies.

                              Unique experiences in all of the most beautiful corners of Slovenia

                              With its umbrella brand of Sava Hotels & Resorts, Sava Turizem d.d. is the largest tourism company in Slovenia. For decades, it has been offering unique products in the destinations under its management, including the Original Bled Cream Cake, mineral water rich in CO2 from Radenci, and the “young sea” in the St. Bernardin resort in Portorož. In 2020, three coastal resorts joined Sava Hotels & Resorts, which means that you can now truly visit us in all the most beautiful corners of Slovenia, from Prekmurje to Bled and the Slovenian coast!

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