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At Sava Hotels & Resorts, we follow established quality policies, but we believe that the true measure of quality is a satisfied guest. That is why we talk to our guests, listen to them, and ask for their feedback time and time again. We want Sava Hotels & Resorts to be not just about quality, but also about striving to be even better the next time we meet. That is why we are proud to have received numerous certificates and awards for our efforts in the field of quality service at Sava Hotels & Resorts.

Quality is a characteristic of all entrepreneurial activities, and a prerequisite condition for ensuring the satisfaction of our customers. We therefore develop and market high-quality tourism services and continually upgrade them, as we wish to offer the market a comprehensive tourism product of the highest quality, combining accommodation, hospitality, wellness, health, swimming, and sports, recreational, and entertainment activities. This statement on company policy reflects the main guidelines of the quality management system and its improvement. The policy is directed towards the realisation of strategic objectives that ensure realisation of the company’s vision and mission. The policy adopts values such as excellence, creativity, know-how, responsibility, and honesty.

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Sava Hotels & Resorts is the largest, and among the best providers of holiday and leisure experiences in Slovenia, as evidenced by the numerous awards and commendations that both the Sava Hotels & Resorts group and its individual destinations can boast.

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