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Rehabilitation programme following upper or lower limb injuries and operations

from 109000 per program
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Injuries to and surgeries on the upper and lower limbs are already common and their frequency is steadily increasing (due to such factors as longer life expectancy, traffic injuries, extreme sports etc.) With the help of the knowledge of our experts and the beneficial effect of our thermal waters, your recovery will be made easier and more effective.

  • reduces pain
  • increases joint mobility
  • strengthens endurance and muscle strength
  • relaxes and regenerates
Programme description

Rehabilitation following injuries is demanding and long-lasting, and requires a well-trained team to enable the patient to experience quick and effective rehabilitation, as the inability to walk occurs immediately after a fracture.

Wear-and-tear changes in the hip also impair walking function, so following surgery the patient should be helped to re-establish a proper walking pattern.

Exercises for mobility and muscle strength are also important, and with the help of methods from the field of physical medicine, we relieve the associated pain and swelling, and relax the muscles.

The use of natural thermal water, which has a beneficial effect on the health conditions that follow operations on the lower limbs, is of key importance. The rehabilitation programme begins with walking in water, where the body is in a relaxed position, and where the patient feels less pain and can progress very effectively in the process of establishing normal joint functions and proper walking.

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