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Healthy heart programme for women

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Until recently, we believed that cardiovascular diseases were "reserved" more for men than for women. Today we know this is not the case. Non-typical symptoms, not paying attention to the signs, and being overwhelmed with other problems are among the main reasons why women underestimate their heart problems and seek help too late. It's time for that to change.

  • early detection of heart disease with advanced technology
  • prevention of serious consequences of heart diseases
  • dedicated experts
  • advice on a healthy lifestyle
Programme description

Since we at Health Resort Zdravilišče Radenci are dedicated to the goal of keeping the heart, this precious organ, full of love, joy, and happiness, we have developed a special programme for early detection and prevention of serious consequences of heart disease.

First, our team of experienced doctors will talk with you about your well-being, your lifestyle, and your reasons for coming to Health Resort Zdravilišče Radenci. We will then carefully examine your heart. We will find out if you are exposed to dangerous risk factors and advise you on a healthy lifestyle.

The programme includes:

  • anthropometric measurements (height, body weight, BMI or body mass index, waist circumference, hip circumference), measurement of blood pressure and heart rate at rest
  • cardiological examination upon arrival, and consultation upon departure
  • ultrasound examination of the heart
  • stress testing on a cycle ergometer
  • cardiovascular risk assessment, and guidelines for good heart health
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