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Wellness / Bio-energetic park on the Slovenian coast

Wake up! Restore your life force and vitality. A high quality and healthy life is one that is balanced, in harmony with nature, with well-being and with a healthy way of life. An oasis of peace in nature, a healthy diet, and a green environment will restore your life force and vitality. It is our personal responsibility to take care of ourselves and treat our bodies to beneficial holidays.

Hotel Salinera is embedded in the natural environment of the Strunjan Landscape Park, right next to the timeless salt pans, making it an ideal place to recharge your batteries. By visiting the energy park next to the Salinera Hotel, you will restore your body’s sense of inner balance and renew your vital life force. The Bioenergy park is located within a nature park, among pine trees and Mediterranean vegetation, all just a few steps from the Adriatic, where you can feel the fresh sea air.

The Salinera Bioenergy park hosts 12 energy points, which have a positive effect on improving one's mental and physical well-being. Walking, meditating, or just sitting in the park will awaken your body, clear your mind, and connect you with a feeling of gratitude and a positive outlook.

What does the word "salinera" mean?

The word is most likely derived from the German word for salt flats, “saline”, since at that time most of the guests came from German-speaking regions. One of Salinera's logos was a female salt harvester wearing a hat while forming a pile of salt into a pyramid shape. With this logo, foreign guests were brought closer to the identity of the resort.

Alternative healers and researchers discovered the bioenergy points, which are now marked in the Bioenergy park in Strunjan. The Vatican archives are said to hold evidence that, more than a thousand years ago, a monastery of the Benedictine order, one known for practicing healing, was built on what is now the site of the Salinera resort. Today, the Salinera resort is home to the Syra Wellness Centre, a centre of health, relaxation, and vitality. To achieve regeneration and improvements to your immune system, you can undergo a detoxification treatment in the sauna centre, which offers a combination of wet and dry saunas. You can also choose to undergo various facial and body care programmes, and other beauty packages.

List of the Bioenergy park’s energy points

Recommendations for use of the Bioenergy park:

The Bioenergy park visitor should stop at an individual energy point, one described as able to help with his or her particular ailment, for 1 to 2 minutes. The full time (max. time), as written on each point’s description, can only be used on body parts or emotions where energy is lacking, or where susceptibility to disease has already been demonstrated. With this procedure, the visitor can restore the energy balance of the body as well as the energy field (aura) around the body.
At the energy points, visitors can perform meditations, or use mudras and repeat affirmations to connect energies through their own chakras. The mudra or affirmation must be coordinated with the energy point so that it matches the colour and number of the chakra, as shown on the information board in the Bioenergy park. The Bioenergy park can contribute to your well-being, but it cannot completely cure or eliminate diseases.
When meditating, you can repeat positive affirmations and put your hands in a meditative position.


The power of compassion that permeates me helps me connect with all living beings.

I open my heart to giving and receiving love.

I love myself the way I am.

Meditative position

The beneficial natural features of the Strunjan peninsula, especially the sea climate and the leeward location, allow for a meditative holiday in harmony with nature.

Choose a date and take a weekend for yourself. Visit the Bioenergy Park in Strunjan, in an oasis of peace and relaxation.

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