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Wellness / 5 steps for a complete spa regeneration

When autumn arrives at our doorstep and playfully enters our lives, we need to gather our strength for all the active plans that await us. The best way to do this is a complete regeneration, which will take care of our whole body. A thorough approach to a complete regeneration includes the following 5 crucial steps, which will ensure you meet new challenges full of energy.

1. Spa advice - For light and active steps

It all starts with the feet. Our feet and legs are the pillars of our body, and yet we do not give them the attention they deserve. The feet reflect the whole organism: with the foot reflexology massage, where pressure is applied to the reflex points of the feet, we can balance the energy flows and release tensions. Reflexes are stimulated to send impulses and thus stimulate our body’s self-healing mechanism.

At the same time the reflexology massage relieves stress and relaxes the whole body. By stimulating reflex zones on the foot we can work on (heal, stimulate, strengthen) a certain tissue, organ or influence the entire organism.

2. Spa advice - For a deep relaxation of the whole body

The massage with warm herbal packs is very therapeutic, efficient and aromatic. By combining various massage techniques the massage stimulates blood circulation, relaxes muscles and eases joint pain.

3. Spa advice - Autumn pampering on the Slovenian coast

Wine and grapes can do much more than just pamper our taste buds, as they can be used for excellent spa treatments. During autumn wine therapy is a great relaxing ritual for the body. The treatment is done as follows: it starts with a delightfully aromatic body peeling with grape seeds, which remove dead skin cells and prepare the skin for the following step, i.e. a massage with grape oil. Grape oil renews the epidermis and leaves a fragrant autumn aroma. After the treatment the skin is smooth and nourished.

4. Spa advice - For a glowing face

At the change of seasons we recommend a refreshing facial with extra hydration for a healthy and fresh looking skin. The intensive hydrating facial treatment with hyaluronic acid gives a moisturising boost to the skin and leaves it with a sensation of comfort and complete hydration. It is suitable for all skin types and is a great basis for future facial treatments in autumn.


5. Spa advice - Our hands are the first indicator of a well-tended appearance

Our hands are the first sign of how we care about our appearance, so they deserve to be taken care of. The luxurious spa manicure includes a peeling of the hands and a pampering paraffin bath, which nourishes and hydrates the skin.

For every step there are various wellness centres, health resorts or thermal resorts. In Slovenia you can find many spa centres, which can be specialised for a certain type of massages or treatments for a specific part of the body or they can have a specific way in which they do the massages and treatments, for example; Thai massages, Ayurveda massages, classic Swedish massage, Hawaiian Lomi lomi massage, Tui-na (traditional Chinese massage)… There are also different health resorts and thermal resorts. The main differentiation factors are the healing effects of thermal water, climate conditions and natural environment.

Our wellness centres are located in our hotels and offer a rich selection of treatments: Thai massages, classic Swedish massage, aroma massage, hot stone massage, warm herbal packs massage, sports massage, shiatzu massage, Lomi lomi massage, Tui-na and also partial massages for specific body parts, from head massage, feet reflexology, pain-relieving back and shoulders massage…

The wellness centres are open for local guests as well as for hotel guests who decide to spend the weekend with a wellness package or stay longer and have a spa holiday. Come visit us for a complete regeneration and recharge your batteries. You can find more information about spa packages and spa services here.

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