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Curiosities / Stories from the past – Which museums are worth visiting in Piran?

Piran is a charming coastal town that offers many activities, which you can chose from in order to spend your holiday or free time in a dynamic way. Visitors do not come here just for the sun, the sea and the beaches. Those interested in history will surely find something to their liking, as Piran has many interesting museums, where you can learn about the wonderful town and its history, its famous inhabitants, its maritime history, the flora and fauna of the Slovenian sea and also discover the rich past of the town’s churches, minorite monastery, etc.

The Maritime museum of Piran

The Maritime museum of Piran is truly a sight. Its collections represent a rich and unique historical and artistic heritage, so the visit will be truly interesting. The museum is located in Piran in the majestic Gabrielli palace, which was built in the middle of the 19th century. The museum has numerous collections: the first were created shortly after the foundation of the Civic museum of Piran in 1954.

This museum collects everything connected with the cultural heritage of the Slovene maritime tradition and the sea. In 1967 the Civic museum of Piran was re-named in the Maritime museum »Sergej Mašera« Piran. Visit the archaeological collection about maritime routes and trade from the prehistoric era to the middle ages. There’s also the collection of settlement remains recovered on land and in the sea, the ethnological collection on salt making and the collection on fishing, which displays boat models, tools and equipment. The main collection focuses on maritime history and displays furniture items and important documents. The list could go on and on, but we would like to introduce some other museums in Piran.

The Museum of underwater activities

Another museum worth visiting in Piran is the Museum of underwater activities, which will be interesting especially to those who like scuba diving and maritime history. Don’t forget to bring your imagination, you will have many opportunities to use in the museum. It will take you to the mysterious underwater world, which is full of peculiar mythological creatures and lost treasures. You will learn about the different diving techniquesand observe various diving instruments and tools, from ancient to modern. Occasionally there are demonstrations in front of the museum, showing how old diving suits were used. Definitely worth a visit!


The Museum of salt making

Have you visited the Museum of salt making, where you can learn about the history of salt making? The museum is located in the saltpans of Sečovlje, in the part called Fontanigge next to canal Giassi, in a restored saltpan workers’s house. The museum has three parts: the one storey house, where the saltpan worker’s family used to live, the ground floor warehouse where the salt was stored and a restored traditional wood burning oven, which is a unique item in the saltpans of Sečovlje. You can visit the saltpans and the canal that provides seawater and learn about the ancient method of salt making.

Koper regional museum

Are you wondering why you should visit the Regional museum of Koper? Although it isn’t in Piran, it is surely worth your visit. You’ll discover the glamour and beauty of Koper during the renaissance, admire the various findings from the prehistoric and Roman era and stroll in its charming garden. The museum has a long and rich history and displays noble arms, weapons, paintings, antique musical instruments, statues, medals and uniforms… Recently the museum acquired a new exhibition space in Carpaccio house on Carpaccio square, where a digital exhibition was set up in honour of the famous Venetian painter Carpaccio.

We’ve listed just a few museums where you can get to know Piran in a slightly different way. At the end we would like to mention also Isolana, house of the sea, where you can travel through time in the history of Izola and its fishing tradition, the ethnological collection in Tona’s house and many more. You are kindly invited to discover these wonderful places and get to know the history of Piran and other coastal towns.

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