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Active recreation / Tennis in Portorož – don’t let winter stop you

When hearing the word tennis, many think about the four major tennis tournaments for the Grand Slam - the Australian Open (National Center in Melbourne), the French open (Roland-Garros in Paris), Wimbledon in London (UK) and the US Open (Flushing Meadow in New York). Many tennis enthusiasts dream about playing in one of these tournaments. Of course one needs training on a regular basis during all seasons for such a venture or other tennis challenges.

Today tennis is the most popular sport after football and has many fans and avid viewers around the world.

Is tennis really just a summer sport? Not in Portorož!

For quite some time tennis has no longer been just a summer sport or a sport for outdoor courts. Numerous clubs on the Slovenian coast have indoor tennis courts which allow pleasant training also during winter. Most often tennis courts are covered by air-supported domes and they’re also equipped with lighting that allows you to play at night. Tennis can also be played in sports halls. Marina Portorož has two tennis courts that allow tennis training during winter. On the Slovenian coast there’s no off season for tennis, as covered courts allow year-round playing for all tennis enthusiasts.

Portorož is well-known for its sports spirit which can be also seen in the many tennis clubs. There are numerous tennis societies and clubs where all generations can play tennis recreationally or competitively. You can start playing tennis early with tennis kindergarten, then continue with tennis school and trainings of competitive tennis playing. Clubs also organise intensive tennis courses for tourists visiting Portorož as well as for the local population. Tennis courses for adults generally last 10 hours. During the course beginners learn the basics and the rules of the game. Advanced classes also last 10 hours and are meant for tennis players who would like to improve their game.

Almost every year Portorož hosts a tennis tournament for professional players, where tennis fans can see the best Slovenian tennis players and international stars.

Portorož and other sports during winter

Tennis is not the only sport you can practice when visiting Portorož. Thanks to the mild climate, Portorož is a very popular holiday destination during the whole year. Among all Slovenian towns Portorož has the most clear sunny days and can thus offer many other sports activities besides tennis:

  1. cycling,
  2. trekking,
  3. swimming,
  4. scuba diving,
  5. sailing,
  6. windsurfing,
  7. rowing,
  8. fishing,
  9. mini golf,
  10. panoramic flights and
  11. tandem parachuting.

Almost all these activities can be done also in winter, as the temperatures are mild.

Portorož has numerous well-tended walking trails, which provide excellent recreation for those who enjoy walking. The trails have an amazing view of the open sea, Italy and Croatia and the Slovenian Alps. This unique view is an additional reason for the popularity of running in Portorož.

Enrich your tennis break in Hoteli Bernardin

If you decide to spend your vacation in Hoteli Bernardin in Portorož you won’t be disappointed! you can find the right activity for your taste in any season. You can have a relaxing holiday or a very active holiday with daily tennis trainings or other sports. This year Christmas and New Year’s holidays will be even more special in Hoteli Bernardin, where there will be music and dance evenings, concerts and also activities for children, who will make holiday cards and decorate the Christmas tree during creative workshops.

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