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Active recreation / Slovenia’s treasures in a day

In the relatively small area covered by Slovenia, we can experience breath-taking natural beauty and a rich cultural and historical heritage. Which means that a day trip already provides a wide variety of options for exploring Slovenia’s treasures that continue to amaze visitors with their mesmerizing natural beauty. One of the most loved daily trips starts in the area of the Triglav national park and then winds its way through Ljubljana towards the Karst and the coast.

Slovenia in a day – what cannot be missed?

Triglav national park and its surroundings are pure heaven for nature lovers and outdoor activities enthusiasts. In any season the Julian alps are perfect for admiring unspoiled nature. Triglav national park is one of the largest in Europe as it encompasses an astonishing area of 880 km². Visiting the park is a must for all those who enjoy mountain trailsand charming mountain passes. But the treasures of north-western Slovenia don’t end here. The area is ideal for day trips with children, who can explore many parks, discover shorter trails and playgrounds. They can also experience the unforgettable ride with the traditional pletna boat on lake Bled or visit Planica with its astonishing ski flying ramp Velikanka (The giant). A recently opened attraction, the Planica Zipline (according to many the most spectacular zipline in the world(, is another more than valid reason for a visit. In just a few seconds you will reach speeds up to 85 km/h and enjoy a dramatic “flight” above the tallest ski flying ramp in the world. After visiting Bled castle you can try the delicious local cream cake and then head towards Ljubljana to continue exploring Slovenia’s treasures.

The treasures of Ljubljana and its surroundings – refresh yourselves in the capital

The lively capital can easily keep you busy for more than just a day.  The loveliest views of the city are from the castle, so we definitely recommend a visit. A stroll through the city centre will give you many opportunities to take a break, have a drink or enjoy some culinary delights. You can continue exploring the treasures of Ljubljana in a slightly different way – from the water. With a boat ride you will experience the old city centre from a different perspective and you can enrich your day also by getting to know Slovenian art history in the city’s numerous museums. If you are travelling with teenagers you can visit the Museum of illusions and the House of experiments, whereas for the youngest ones there’s a rich programme with outdoor activities in Tivoli park.

The hidden treasures in the underworld of the Slovenian Karst

An exploration of Slovenia’s treasures is not complete without visiting one of the many caves in the Karst region. The most popular are Vilenica cave, Postojna cave and Škocjan caves. Visiting Karst caves and their eternal natural beauty is great for all generations. The most visited is Postojna cave, considered the queen of the subterranean world, which always ensures an amazing experience. The cave is open the whole year and during the visit you can go on an unforgettable ride with an underground train and close by you can also visit the largest cave castle in the world.

The natural beauty of the Slovenian coast

You can finish your exploration of Slovenia’s treasures by visiting the Slovenian coast. Its relatively small area makes it possible to enjoy many of the charming coastal towns in just one afternoon. Those who love architecture should not miss Piran, from where you can continue to the saltpans of Piran, Sečovlje and Strunjan and discover the top quality sea salt, which has been produced with traditional methods for centuries. You can conclude your day in Portorož, the centre of gambling and fun. Portorož is thrilling for all generations, for locals and tourists alike.

Visiting Slovenia’s treasures in a day is an almost impossible task, however even a day trip can be filled with adventures and unforgettable views. Although our curiosity usually takes us abroad, exploring Slovenia’s landscapes always surprises us with new mesmerising views, which are well worth another visit. Where will your path take you this time?

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