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Active recreation / Ideas for daily trips from the Slovenian coast

Portorož is known to all Slovenians as a tourist destinationon the Slovenian coast. People like to come here on vacation, to relax and have fun, and it’s also a very popular destination for daily trips. It is part of the municipality of Piran, which has approximately 17.000 inhabitants.

If you decide to visit Portorož, you can stay in the wonderful Grand hotel Bernardin. We are sure you’ll find various activities for an rich and dynamic vacation on the Slovenian coast. You will probably also think about where you could go on a daily trip. If you’re out of ideas, keep reading the article as we have prepared a few suggestions with the most beloved destinations.

Venice, the floating city

For many Venice is the most romantic city in the world, picturesquely located in a lagoon on small islands and intertwined by many canals. Who hasn’t heard about the beautiful architecture, the romantic gondolas, the numerous bridges, narrow streets, richly decorated churches, museums and palaces? A daily trip to Venice is an excellent idea, as you can visit St. Mark’s square, St. Mark’s basilica and bell tower, Doge’s palace, the Grand Canal, the Bridge of sighs, the Correr museum, the Rialto bridge and market… and of course you mustn’t miss to try a gondola ride. For a daily trip you can travel to Venice by catamaran, which you can embark on in Piran.

Miramare castle

If you are going to Trieste for a day, don’t forget to visit Miramare castle in the proximity of Trieste. The castle was built in the second half of the 19th century and it is located right by the sea, offering magnificent views. In fact, the name of the castle is in Spanish and means “view of the sea”. The castle is surrounded by a tall wall, which used to protect it from possible attackers, whereas today it is a lovely tourist attraction, decorated with beautiful coats of arms and lamps. We invite you to take a stroll in the charming park with exotic plants.


A day trip to Trieste is the perfect idea for all avid shoppers, but the city offers much more. You can visit the main square Piazza Unità d'Italia, the hill of San Giusto, Borgo Teresiano, the port and the waterfront Rive, the Vittoria lighthouse, the Risiera San Sabba and much much more.

Postojna cave

One of the greatest world attractions is just a day trip away. If there’s one thing you can’t miss while in Slovenia, it is definitely Postojna cave. As implied by the name, it is located near the city of Postojna. We invite you to discover its magical underworld. You will be amazed by many tunnels, galleries, passages, stalactites and stalagmites, which will make for and incredible experience and unforgettable memories. Just a few miles away you will find one of the most peculiarly constructed castles in the world, Predjama castle. Don’t forget to visit it and let it enchant you with the many legends that surround it. Nearby you can also find the lesser-known Škocjan caves, which are well worth your visit!


The last suggestion for a day trip from the Slovenian coast is our famous Lipica, known for its Lipizzan horses. We assure you that you’ll be enchanted by the place. Lipica is located on the Karst edge and has many mighty oak trees and green pastures. You will feel as if you have entered another world. Here you can go horse riding, take walks, go cycling, play golf and so much more. You can continue to the village Lokev, where you will find the famous prosciutto drying facility and the cave Vilenica.

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