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Be Fit cuisine

Put together a meal for your well-being

In order to overcome the many challenges we face every day and cope with the fast pace of modern life, we simply have to be fit. That's why the Grand Hotel Primus, in collaboration with nutritionist Mojca Cepuš, has prepared a healthy diet programme called Be Fit. We created spaces in our hotel dining room where we advise you on which dishes are healthy and what quantities of those dishes are recommended for you to combine. Follow the labels next to the individual dishes in the buffet and put together the perfect meal for your well-being, according to your preferences.

  • Menus you can stick to even at home
  • The best balance between the different food groups
  • Healthy, yet delicious!

Eat better at home too!

Good health habits

Find healthy foods that make you feel good and incorporate them into your lifestyle. Avoid white sugar. Until 4 p.m., you really shouldn’t avoid high-quality complex carbohydrates and healthy fats, as you absolutely need them for energy. In the evening, mainly enjoy vegetables and proteins. Do not skip meals, especially breakfast.

The 5 golden rules

1. Eat 3-6 smaller meals. Spread them evenly throughout the day.
2. Drink 1.5 l to 3 l of water a day.
3. Limit coffee drinking to 2 cups a day. Without milk and sugar, of course.
4. Choose varied foods - this is the only way you will be sure to get all the necessary nutrients.
5. Avoid processed foods. 50% of your portions should consist of vegetables.

25 – 25 – 50

A very simple rule of thumb to put together a healthy meal: 25% - 25% - 50%.
Divide the plate into 4 equal parts. One-quarter of the plate should be proteins, one-quarter should be carbohydrates, and the remaining half should be filled with varied vegetables.


Refined products (sugar, salt, flour ...), homogenized milk, hydrogenated or trans fats (margarine, sweets, ... industrially prepared food), processed foods (salami, pate ...), monosodium glutamate, E621 (soups in a bag, sauces, salty snacks, dried meats...).

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