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Health services at Terme Ptuj


Why visit the Terme Ptuj Health Centre?

  • Health services
    In addition to referral treatments for locomotor system injuries and diseases, you can also choose private packages for the diseases we specialise in.
  • Paketi za dobro počutje
    Modern-day warriors often suffer from issues related to office work-related symptoms. These can be easily prevented or relieved with a good massage an ...
  • Premium accommodation at no extra charge for patients
    There are no surcharges for above-standard accommodation for patients sent to Terme Ptuj for inpatient rehabilitation by the Health Insurance Institut ...

Visit our spine health and sports medicine centres

At the Terme Ptuj Health Centre we treat:
Pain in the spine
Post-trauma and post-operative conditions of the locomotor system (shoulder girdle, elbow, wrist, hip, knee…)
Sports injuries
Other degenerative conditions: vertebral and vertebrogenic syndromes, arthrosis, spondyloarthropathy
Osteoporosis treatment and prevention programme

The Ptuj thermal spring

The natural water comes from a depth of over 1 km and seeps through several layers of sand before reaching the surface near Ptuj, Slovenia’s oldest town, which was established by the ancient Romans. With a temperature of around 39 °C at its spring, the Ptuj thermal water has proven and established healing properties. It is effective in the treatment and rehabilitation of degenerative conditions, locomotor system disorders, injuries and post-operative conditions of the skeletal system, joints and muscles. Any self-respecting Roman would pay regular visits to baths (thermae). We decided to use the Ptuj springs in a unique range of services, from bathing and swimming to health care and relaxation – everything you need for a strong and confident approach to life. Discover the regenerative power of the Ptuj thermal water in our thermal pools and baths. At Grand Hotel Primus, you can even enjoy a thermal bath in your own room!

Paracelsus in Ptuj

A Medieval physician and the founder of modern treatment methods, Paracelsus was the first person to believe that each chemical has a specific effect on the body. In his therapies, he used healing herbs and mineral water. He also insisted on the careful dosing of medicines. At Terme Ptuj, we follow his principles. Paracelsus believed there were forces in the universe that influenced people’s health and well-being. We don’t know whether he discovered any during his visit to Ptuj, where he stayed in 1523 and 1524, but we do know that he left some of his invaluable manuscripts here.

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