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Bled - a paradise for hiking enthusiasts

Hiking trails with the most beautiful views

We present the three most famous routes that you absolutely must visit during your stay in Bled. The paths are a bit steep and demanding, but it’s worth the effort when you reach the top, as you are treated to a breathtaking panorama of the beauty of Gorenjska.

  • Galetovec

    A physically undemanding marked path will lead you across the Belca stream through the village. Then, just as you cross the railway underpass, you will take the road to the right, and after a 15-minute walk, you will reach the hamlet of Slamniki. You then continue your journey along the cart path, where a sign will point you to the left, onto the path for Belska planina. Then you follow this cart path and turn left at the junction. To get to the top, follow the markings and you will finally be able to enjoy the wonderful view. 
    Photo: Adrijan Pregelj,

  • Mala in Velika Osojnica

    The top of Velika Osojnica is one of the most beautiful locations for photos, with the most enchanting view of Lake Bled and its surroundings, the Karavanke mountains, the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and the Ljubljana basin. Mala Osojnica, with an altitude of 685 metres, is about a 45-minute walk away along a steep marked forest path, with another 20 minutes of hiking to get to Velika Osojnica, with an altitude of 756 metres.  
    Photo: Alan Kosmač,

  • Ojstrica

    Ojstrica (611m) rises high above Lake Bled. The well-marked and very well-known trail, which starts at Camp Zaka, has a short but very steep climb. However, it is definitely worth it for the exceptional view at the top. At the destination, you will find a bench facing the panorama of Lake Bled, Straža and Stol, the Savska raven plain, as well as a long ridge of the western Karavanke and other mountains.
    More about Ojstrica
    Photo: Michael Matti,

Circular hiking trails

Circular hiking trails are a great choice if you want the entire trail to constantly inspire you with something new. Bled and its surroundings offers quite a few marked trails. We have carefully selected the most interesting, difficult and easy routes for you. 

  • From hill to hill, around the lake

    Each of the peaks around Lake Bled is a popular and interesting destination in its own right. Our hike "From hill to hill, around the lake" combines these individual destinations into a unique hiking trip - to the wreath of peaks above and around Lake Bled, each of which offers a unique view. Straža has ski slopes and trim trails, Mala Osojnica and Ojstrica are a paradise for photographers, and Bled Castle lords over the lake on Grajski Grič.  
    Photo: Jošt Gantar,

  • Debela peč

    The hike to one of the hiker-friendliest peaks of the Julian Alps begins in the vast forest on the Pokljuka plateau. Natural hiking trails lead us through a garden of wild mountain flowers to the upper slopes of this alpine paradise. When you observe the horizon from the 2,014-metre high peak, you will be able to see Lake Bled, the Karavanke mountains and the Krma valley. 
    Photo: Aleš Zdešar,

  • Široka peč

    Široka Peč is a hill on the slope of the Pokljuka plateau. An undemanding marked path will lead you to an exceptional view of the panorama of Bohinjska Bela, the Karavanke mountains and Babji zob. Along the way, you will be able to see traditional old villages, blooming meadows and glistening streams.
    More about Široka Peč.  
    Photo: Aleš Zdešar,

Along the trails of Arnold Rikli

The Swiss healer, Arnold Rikli, was the first to recognise the healing benefits of Bled, building the first natural healing resort in Bled in the 19th century. In order to improve his well-being, Rikli relied on the natural elements of Bled - air, water, and sun. He advocated plenty of exercise in fresh air, a moderate but quality vegetarian diet, and invigorating sleep. Take a walk along the trails where Bled's seekers of wellness once walked barefoot.

  • Rikli's trail to Straža

    The trail to Straža hill begins at the Bled fitness promenade or the former Rikli trail, and leads through a forest, over a small bridge and up some stone steps to the top of the cable car line. Straža has as many as six vantage points, all of which offer a beautiful view of Bled and itssurrounding area in all different directions. The route can be completed as a round trip along the macadam cart path that passes through the ski area.  
    Photo: Rok Mučič

  • Rikli's trail in Gorje

    The ascent starts at the information board above the village of Poljščica. The trail begins with a climb towards the hamlets of Zaboršt and Zatrata, and from there, it follows along the forest path to the highest point of Iz Križev, opening up a beautiful view of the landscape and the Blejski kot basin. On the way back, you can take different routes, returning across pastures or by road. You can also continue the route to the Rčitno mountain pasture, from where it circles back to Bled via Slamnik and Bohinjska Bela, or you can continue towards the Pokljuka plateau.  
    Photo: Aleš Klek,

  • Rikli's walk to Bled Castle via Višče

    Properly maintained, well-lit, secured with fences and equipped with urban furniture, the trails leading up to the castle are some of the best hiking trails in Bled. From Bled Castle, visitors can enjoy unforgettable views of Lake Bled, Bled Island, and the surrounding area all the way to Mount Triglav. Bled Castle houses a museum, the castle chapel, a herbal gallery, a wine cellar, an art gallery and the castle printing works with a reconstructed Gutenberg printing press. There is also an excellent restaurant.

Family-friendly thematic routes

The love for sports and hiking starts from a young age. Your children's little happy feet will be delighted by the routes we’ve selected. They are not only easy and set in a picturesque landscape, but also educational and fun, with a thematic twist.

  • The Goldhorn trail

    The thematic route around Lake Bled presents the cultural and natural attractions of Bled, and highlights the importance of protecting the environment for future generations. Through a fun game and with a bit of imagination, children and parents will get to know the beauty of Bled, its cultural and natural attractions, and relive one of the most famous fairy tales. By solving their tasks, the children will defeat the lake monster. 
    Photo: Dean Dubokovič,

  • The Vintgar gorge

    Northwest of Bled is the 1.6 km long Vintgar gorge. The easy route, which leads over bridges and galleries, ends with a bridge over the 16-metre high Šum waterfall. On the way to or from the gorge, we will walk through the village of Hom and past the church of St. Catherine, a historic church with a beautiful view.

  • The Grumble bear trail

    The thematic family route will take you on the path of the Grumble bear through Bohinjska Bela. His paw prints will guide you along the way, and tasks at the outposts will test your skills and reveal what happened to the bear on his way through the village. Don't forget to look for the letter on the board of each station and write it down in the leaflet you received at the TIC to uncover the message at your final destination.
    More about the Grumble bear trail.  
    Photo: TD Bohinjska Bela

The long-distance Julijana hiking trail

8 of the 16 stages of the 270-kilometre long-distance Juliana hiking trail across Slovenia run near our hotels in Bled, so they represent the perfect starting point for this unforgettable hiking adventure. The wellness centre, a comfortable bed, and a room with a view in one of our hotels will provide you with some much needed rest and energy. 
For more information about the Juliana Trail, scan the QR code here.

Hotels right next to hiking trails

Many of the hiking trails run next to our hotels, so you will always be only a few steps away from continuing your adventure. In addition to the trails in the surrounding area and along the peaks surrounding Lake Bled, you can also take on the hiking trails near the famous Slovenian ski and Nordic Centres (Planica, Kranjska Gora, Pokljuka), or along the largest Slovenian lake, in Bohinj.

  • Hotel Park****

    A hotel right by the lake with a panoramic pool and saunas. The perfect starting point for an active vacation in Bled.

  • Rikli Balance Hotel****S
    The hotel offers the most beautiful views of the lake and a large pool complex with indoor and outdoor pools. The hotel also has a recognized wellness center.
  • Hotel Savica Garni****
    The hotel also offers family rooms (2 adults and 2 children up to 12 years old) at a good price. Hotel guests have 1x daily entry to the pool complex of the Rikli Balance Hotel.

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