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Families at Terme Ptuj

Activities and events in the resort

  • Activities and events for guests

    Every day, guests can choose from a variety of sports activities, from activities in the pool and Nordic walking to workouts, or join us for a social evening of bingo or a picture quiz. We also organise various daytrips where we discover the beauty of Ptuj and the idyllic landscape, the local sights and the gastronomy.

  • Summer holiday in Ptuj

    The summer mornings in Ptuj will be active, with a morning workout in the Pinwheel of health. Before splashing around on the waterslides and other attractions in the thermal park, children can take part in morning creative workshops. Meanwhile, guests of all ages can enjoy a stroll around Ptuj.

  • Advice for a trip
    An artist or an explorer? An adventurer or an adrenalin enthusiast? In every case, we have some advice to make your stay nice! There are also many organised excursions. For more detailed information, please enquire with the staff at reception or our entertainment coordinators, who will gladly provide you with useful advice.
    Check the top experiences near Ptuj!

Events in Terme Ptuj and the Surrounding Area

  • Poli marathon 2023
    In front of the Perutnina Ptuj administrative building 
    3 June 2023, from 11.00 
    You can take part in the classic cycle marathon in Ptuj, where all cyclists hit the track at the same time and enjoy the adrenaline of the live event. You can also cycle the marathon on your own, on any 20 km route near your home, and prove the distance covered with the STRAVA tracking application. 
    More information
  • Fürstovanje
    9.6. - 10.6.2023 
    Fürst’s House, Ptuj 
    Welcome to Fürst’s House. Creators, musicians, and artists who work under the auspices of Fürst’s House in Ptuj will present their work. 
Pools for children of all ages
Open all year round, the Grand Hotel Primus Thermal Park features pools and waterslides for children of all ages.
Relaxed water acclimation

The Grand Hotel Primus pools are suited to acclimating infants to water, making the hotel a popular choice for families with young children.

An active family vacation
Staying active is a precondition for well-being. Why not try a new sport on your holiday? Children are sure to enjoy the change!
A walk to Ptuj

Ptuj, Slovenia’s oldest town, will excite children’s imagination with stories of ancient Romans. From the resort, the town can be reached on foot or by bus.

Family bloggers present

Family bloggers came to explore Terme Ptuj. Find out more about how they found their stay and what they thought of our family services.

A few days with the family to strengthen the family ties

Why families choose Terme Ptuj:
Quiet hotel pools that are suitable for acclimating infants to water
A large thermal park with indoor area that is open all year round
Plenty of indoor pools and an indoor waterslide
The entertainment room with books and toys is always open
The hotel restaurant serves healthy food for all the family, suitable for even the youngest guests
The world of saunas and the wellness centre remain open in the evenings after the children have gone to bed
Guided workouts and other family entertainment
Countless opportunities for recreation in the fresh air
Slovenia’s oldest town, Ptuj, is located nearby


Terme Ptuj – a perfect vacation for a fresh motivation!

Like the heroes of ancient Rome, the heroes of the modern world – although used to the fast pace of life – sometimes need a bit of rest and enjoyment. At Terme Ptuj, you will find everything you need for active regeneration!
  • Thermal park
    The Terme Ptuj Thermal Park has so much to offer that you would almost need a daily plan to try it all! We have a variety of swimming pools, the large ...
  • Hotel pools
    Even outside the school holidays, Grand Hotel Primus remains popular with families – usually those with younger children. They like to come here becau ...
  • Kids' club
    “My name is General Primus. Almost two thousand years ago, I was the commander of the Gemina XIII settlement on the plains of Pannonia. My armour glis ...
  • Programme of activities
    In the summer, most activities at Terme Ptuj take place in the Thermal Park. With a daily programme of free organised activities for guests and Therma ...
  • Healthy physical activities
    Terme Ptuj offers countless opportunities for an active vacation. Parents can try their hand at golf, tennis, Nordic walking, cycling on the many cycl ...
  • Relaxation for parents
    At Terme Ptuj, we know how important it is that parents have a chance to rest and relax during a family holiday. With this in mind, our saunas and wel ...
  • Family daytrips
    Ptuj, Slovenia’s oldest town, can be reached from the resort on foot or by bus. Ptuj offers countless sights and activities that children will enjoy, ...
  • Primus bonus card

    During the autumn school holidays, take advantage of the following discounts:

    • 20% discount on all cakes, fruit smoothies and Vili ...
    • 50% discount on the book The Diary of Primus the Legionary
    • Free 1-day rental of children’s bicycle helmets

    This card is intended for children up to 12 years of age staying at the Grand Hotel Primus, the bungalows or the campsite. Discount coupons are available at the reception and apply for the duration of your stay.

  • Birthdays
    At Terme Ptuj you can enjoy a birthday celebration in the style of ancient Rome, dance with a dancing instructor or cook with a master chef. The event ...
  • Current offers and activities
    A day full of activities and swimming makes you hungry and pleasantly tired. Take a look at the current gastronomy, wellness and other offers and the ...

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