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Thermal water park at Zdravilišče Radenci

We would like to inform you that:
- due to maintenance the  indoor swimming pool will be closed from 29.7. - 2.8.2019,
- due to the annual cleaning round outdoor thermal pool will be closed from from 23.9. – 25.9.2019.
Thank you for your understanding.
Thermal water for your health
In addition to their relaxing effect, the Radenci thermal water pools are beneficial for locomotor system disorders. You are sure to enjoy the pools featuring underwater massage jets!
A Kneipp bath a day keeps the doctor away
Visit our Kneipp bath and discover the benefits of bathing in hot and cold water. It’s a habit that you are sure to take home with you!
Mineral baths
While you are here, you simply have to try the famous Radenci mineral bath, which alleviates cardiovascular diseases. Visit our wellness centre to soak in mineral water. The water in the pools isn’t just mineral but thermal!
Workouts for your health
After a morning workout in the gym and some breathing exercises, join us for a variety of water workouts for all ages.
Spend the whole day at the pool!
Our visitors often say that they like to spend the whole day at the pool. With a fast swim current, underwater and above-water massage, water springs and waterfalls, you will certainly never be bored!
Swimming – one of the best types of workout
In the indoor water park, swimming enthusiasts will find a 25 m swimming pool filled with plain water that is ideal for perfecting their technique.
Grandparents, bring your grandchildren to the pool!
The pools are never livelier than during the school holidays. Grandparents like to visit with their grandchildren, who can choose from two children’s pools, a slightly deeper youth pool and a children’s entertainment programme with activities in and around the pool.

A quiet thermal water park for all ages!

Over 1,4002 of water surfaces
An indoor and outdoor pool with thermal mineral water
A Kneipp pool
Indoor swimming pool with plain water
A fast swim current, underwater and above water massage, waterfalls
Buffet restaurant and bar
10 indoor and outdoor pools, open all year round
An indoor pool with underwater massage jets
An indoor and outdoor children's pool (up to 30 cm deep)
An outdoor youth pool (up to 100 cm deep)
Guided workouts in the pools


Thermal park services

  • Water workouts for your health
    Take part in some of the many free workouts and activities in the pools. They are suitable for all ages.
  • Gastronomy services
    In the Vital Bar at the Thermal Park entrance, you can treat yourself to a cup of coffee or a refreshment before visiting the pools and saunas. By the ...
  • Birthday at the pools
    We organise children’s birthday parties at the pools with guided children’s activities, a cake and food. The birthday boy or girl has free admission t ...
  • Family vacations
    Grandparents often visit the Radenci Health Resort with their grandchildren during the school holidays. We organise a number of children’s activities ...

Kneipp baths

Did you know that a Kneipp bath stimulates blood circulation, thus strengthening the immune system, which is essential for a healthy heart? Our water park includes a Kneipp pool, where the knee-deep water has a temperature of 15 °C. Don’t forget to warm up in a warm pool beforehand. You will also find a Kneipp pool in the world of saunas. We also offer Kneipp showers based on the body’s reaction to hot and cold stimuli. They stimulate the immune system, affect the secretion of stress hormones, stimulate blood circulation and digestion and reduce susceptibility to pain.
Opening hours
Pools Sunday to Thursday: 7.00–21.00
Fridays and Saturdays: 7.00–22.00
Saunas Summer (1.6.-30.9.):
Sunday to Thursday: 12.00–21.00
Fridays and Saturdays: 12.00–22.00
Winter (1.10.–31.5.):
Monday to Thursday: 12.00–21.00
Fridays and Saturdays: 10.00–22.00
Sundays: 10.00–21.00

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