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Mineral baths at Zdravilišče Radenci

The famous Radenci natural mineral bath
Enjoy a bath where the pleasantly warm natural mineral water surrounds you with a myriad bubbles of naturally occurring carbon dioxide. The tubs are filled virtually straight from the spring. The mineral water has a temperature of 30 to 33 °C and contains a high level of naturally occurring CO2. Dissolved in water under great pressure deep underground, carbon dioxide is an invaluable natural healing factor.
Health, beauty and regeneration
Penetrating into the body through the skin, the CO2 bubbles are the main beneficial factor. They expand the blood vessels, improve their flexibility and stimulate blood circulation. Better circulation means better access for oxygen, building blocks and energy-rich substances, as well as easier flushing of toxins. This leads to faster detoxification and regeneration of the organism. Bathing in the Radenci mineral water also tones the genital tissues and boosts blood circulation in the capillaries of the pelvic floor muscles, thus improving the sex life.

The benefits of mineral water baths

Bathing in mineral water significantly boosts the resistance of the organism, increases the elimination of waste substances and alleviates a number of health issues linked to poor blood circulation. Mineral water baths are particularly beneficial for diabetes sufferers and patients with atherosclerosis, as they warm up cold limbs and alleviate painful spasms.
Increases blood circulation in the skin capillaries
Regulates blood pressure and lowers the heart rate
Promotes wound healing
Has an anti-inflammatory effect
Effectively relieves pain
Improves the general well-being
Improves blood circulation in the body
Improves water secretion
Reduces sensitivity to cold and increases heat stimuli
Alleviates erectile dysfunction (blood vessel-related)
Rejuvenates the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles

Give yourself a more youthful and beautiful appearance

Treatments with CO2 have become a true hit in the global wellness offer in recent years. Experts have namely found that they are able to achieve enviable results in the area of body revitalisation and rejuvenation with CO2, and CO2 treatments can be an excellent support in aesthetic medicine too.

Mineral baths have the following beauty effects:

  • smooth out facial wrinkles
  • reduce pigment spots
  • help break down cellulite
  • reduces the visibility of scars and stretchmarks
  • firm the upper arms and rejuvenate the appearance of hands
  • alleviate the restless legs syndrome
  • reduce the double chin
  • promote the healing of post-operative and post-trauma scars
  • alleviates psoriasis
  • promote hair growth

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