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Beneficial effects of nature

Mineral water rich in CO2

Characterised by one of the highest CO2 contents in Europe, the Radenci mineral water is our most precious natural gift. Even a 15-minute bath helps regulate blood pressure, making our guests feel instantly better. Baths can be complemented by a drinking treatment, pouring yourself a glass of Radenci water straight from the spring at the Health Lounge at least three times a day for five consecutive days. Mineral water is also known to improve digestion, balance gastric acid, stimulate the clearing of kidney sand and stones, and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. 

Beneficial thermal water

In general, thermal water improves the circulation in the internal organs and veins. The high temperature of thermal water has a beneficial effect on the whole body, lowering the temperature in tissue, decreasing the stroke volume of the heart and lowering blood pressure, improving circulation, supporting pain management, reducing muscle tension, stimulating local metabolic activity, increasing transudation, stimulating the immune system, and creating the feeling of relaxation. Thermal water is also used in the treatment of degenerative joint diseases, as well as post-trauma and post-operative conditions of the locomotor system.

250 days of sunshine a year

The area on the right bank of the Mura enjoys over 250 days of sunshine a year – that’s over 70% of sunny days. Thanks to its mild climate, Zdravilišče Radenci is known as the first bioclimatic health resort in Slovenia. When it comes to treatments and therapies, we make the most of the local climate and its beneficial effects, by offering outdoor recreation programmes and climate-based therapy. Our bodies need the sun to produce vitamin D, which strengthens the bones and prevents inflammation, and sunshine also has a positive impact on our emotional well-being. 

Healing fango mud

One of the four natural healing factors at the Health Resort Zdravilišče Radenci are also fango wraps. They boast excellent thermal and heat retention properties. By effectively conducting heat deep into the tissue, they have a pleasantly soothing effect, as well as alleviating aches and pains in the back and joints, reducing muscle tension, loosening connective tissue, and helping with body toning and shaping.

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