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Sports and recreation at Zdravilišče Radenci

Some recreational and sports activities are seasonal. Activities are organised subject to payment and a sufficient number of participants. Due to the hygiene and protection measures recommended by relevant institutions, some activities may not be available until further notice.  More information is available on the Currently Open page and at our reception desks, where you can also book your activity.

Along the Mura by bike
In addition to its many cycling trails, the area around the resort is known for the cycling event “Along the Mura by bike”. This event brings together cycling enthusiasts and fans of the delicious local cuisine.
Hiking for a strong heart
The area around Zdravilišče Radenci is perfect for activities in the fresh air, while the plains of Prekmurje are ideal for long walks. One way to check your cardiac health is on the walk for a strong heart. This 1.5 km trail leads through the resort park. The walk is supervised by a physiotherapist, who will take your pulse before and after the exercise.
Adapted workouts
Our organised water workouts are suitable for all ages and they are sure to appeal to seniors. We also organise workouts guided by a physiotherapist!
Protecting the hearts of professional and recreational athletes
Professional and recreational athletes should pay particular attention to the state of their heart. We offer examinations using the most up-to-date equipment.
Sports preparation infused with the essence of health
Round off your sports preparation with a wide range of medical and wellness services tailored to the needs of athletes.
Best suited for: football, tennis, indoor sports
Play golf to your heart’s content!
There is nothing more enjoyable than a game of golf in the beneficial Radenci microclimate. The 9-hole golf course is distinguished by hole no. 5 with two greens, separated by a water hazard.

Find health through sport!

Everything you need for an active vacation:
Thermal swimming pools
Aqua fitness in the thermal pools
Nordic walking
A nine-pin bowling alley nearby
Treasure hunt (on foot)
Tennis: four outdoor and three indoor tennis courts nearby
Indoor swimming pool with a variety of workouts
Fitness workouts, including with an instructor
Organised free hikes
Table tennis during the summer in the resort
Bike rental, including electric bikes!
The Radenci Golf Course is nearby

Workouts for heart patients

At the Radenci Health Resort, we focus especially on heart patients, with modified gymnastics exercises and bicycle gradual stress tests under the supervision of a physiotherapist. At the same time, we teach them about leading a healthy lifestyle and show them exercises to do at home. We always tell our guests that rehabilitation is a lifelong process. In addition to top-level health services, regular physical activity, which is of course adapted to the needs of heart patients, is essential for health and well-being.

Breathing exercises

Stress is a leading risk factor for heart disease, but with the right breathing technique it is possible to tackle the stressful situations of everyday life. Belly breathing exercises can be done standing or sitting with a straight spine and your hands resting lightly on your knees. Breathe in through the nose so the belly inflates and the diaphragm moves down. This is the best way to inhale the most air while expending the least energy. Then exhale slowly. We teach our guests to continue performing this exercise at home, repeating it several times a day. Your heart will be grateful! Advice by Majda Brunčič, head of physical therapy at the Radenci Health Resort.
!Some of the recreational and sports activities listed are seasonal. Activities are organised subject to payment and a sufficient number of participants. Additional information is available from the entertainment corner or the Zdravilišče Radenci reception, where you can also book the activities.

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