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Sights in the area around Zdravilišče Radenci

The land of lively bubbles

Discover the land by the Mura under the wine-growing slopes of the beautiful Radgonsko-Kapelske gorice. Radenci boasts over 250 days of sunshine a year, perfect for outdoor activities. These sunny days create ideal conditions for growing vines and producing the best sparkling wine in Slovenia. However, the area is also famous for a different kind of bubbles: the bubbles in the Radenci mineral and thermal water, each with its own unique health benefits. Visit us to bask in the sunshine and enjoy these beneficial bubbles.

Daytrips in the surrounding area

  • The Jeruzalem wine road
    Hiking or cycling the Jeruzalem wine road, you can visit agritourism farms and vineyards where you will find authentic local food and a wide selection of premium white wines.
  • The Radgona wine cellar
    Slovenia’s oldest and largest producer of sparkling wines has been producing and storing them in its unique cellars since 1852. Take a tour of three Radgonske gorice wine cellars and sample select sparkling wines in the tasting hall.
  • Gornja Radgona
    The Radgona Castle offers a beautiful view of Gornja Radgona. Take a walk past the Špital, a memorable 17th century building, the Never Again park of remembrance and the Boulevard of the Greats, dedicated to notable people of Radgona.
  • Negova Castle
    The building was converted into a castle from a wooden hunting mansion in the 11th century and expanded in the 15th century. It was the seat of the oldest court in the district. Today, the castle complex is an architectural, tourism and business entity with the status of a cultural monument. It also boasts an abundant herb garden. Admission to the castle courtyard is free of charge. The interior of the new castle can be explored privately or with a guide.
  • Bad Radkersburg
    Situated on either side of the Mura in Slovenia and Austria respectively, Gornja Radgona and Bad Radkersburg are linked by the Bridge of Friendship. Bad Radkersburg boasts countless small shops and cafes. In the main square, you will find the town hall with a Gothic tower and the Pistor Palace.
  • The “Along the Mura by bike” cycling event
    “Along the Mura by bike” is a recreational cycling event where cycling fans can choose one of three trails of different lengths and discover the local countryside and cuisine.
  • The Kocbek oil mill
    Established in 1929, the oil mill sells pumpkin seed oil, chocolate with pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil, and soap. Tours of the oil mill are available.
  • Pachamama centre
    The Pachamama estate boasts a biodynamic herb and vegetable garden, bamboo groves and a number of mosaics. Visitors can take part in natural cosmetics or woodworking workshops.
  • The Garden of remembrance and comradeship
    The Šiftar memorial park in Petanjci has over 500 plant species from all over the world and is one of the richest botanical gardens in Slovenia.
  • A visit to the Firbas agritourism farm
    In the pristine nature of Slovenske gorice, you will find the Firbas farm, where children can play with animals, run around the orchard or explore the vineyards with their parents. Home cooking guaranteed!
  • SikaluZOO
    At the SikaluZOO estate, children can encounter domestic and exotic animals, learn how to care for them, pet them and feed them. Children’s buggies are available. Children can also try their hand at horse riding.
  • The Čebelji gradič ecological agritourism farm
    At the farm, you will learn about the life of a bee colony. The farm also houses two ethnological collections and a 100-year-old beehive. Children will be delighted to meet some of the farm’s other inhabitants: chickens, rabbits, sheep, a pony and more.

Events in Zdravilišče Radenci and the Surrounding Area

  • Sočna Vilica /Juicy Fork/ Street Food Festival
    Murska Sobota, Sončna ulica 
    May 19, June 2, June 16, June 30, July 14, August 11, August 25, September 15 and September 29 
    From spring to autumn, Slovenska ulica, or Slovenska vilica /Slovenian Fork/, as the locals call it, smells intoxicating and offers many flavours of street food. The Sočna Vilica Street Food Festival invites you to taste dishes complemented by fine wines from local winemakers, a varied selection of beers, other beverages from different suppliers, and sweet treats. 
  • Long Night of Museums
    Špital Museum, Gornja Radgona 
    7 October 2023 from 18:00 to 01:00 

    The Špital Museum in Radgona will once again take part in the Austria-wide Long Night of Museums / Lange Nacht der Museen event, aimed at culture enthusiasts, and organised by the Austrian national radio and television house, ORF. For all lovers of culture that love to stay up late, museums and other cultural institutions around Austria, along with the two museums from Slovenia, will be open from 18:00 until as late as 1:00.

  • Witch trials at Gornja Radgona Castle
    Špital Museum, Gornja Radgona 
    26 October 2023 at 18:00 

    You are cordially invited to attend a lecture by historian Tjaša Lesjak, who will speak on the subject of witch trials in the area of Gornja Radgona. No admission fee! Photo:

  • Halloween dance at Rakičan Manor
    27.10. - 30.10.2023 
    Rakičan Manor 

    Join us for an unforgettable Halloween dance at Rakičan Manor. For its 10th anniversary, the event will take place from Friday, 27 October to Monday, 30 October 2023. You can look forward to a colourful medieval entertainment programme for young and old, fun magic shows, a spectacular fire show, and an evening musical event on two stages.

  • Hadik's Battle

    The event organised by the Hadik's Path Society is intended as a family day with presentations on cultural heritage: the legend of Hadik, the Turkish period - Turkish encampment, cavalrymen, seeing a mummy. The programme also contains children's entertainment, as well as creative workshops (art, survival skills).

  • St. Martin’s day celebration in Lendava
    10.11. - 11.11.2023 
    The holiday of wine and joy in Lendava is usually marked by traditional events, hikes, baptisms of must, and fun events in the wine-growing area of Lendavske gorice, culminating in Martin's weekend in Lendava, where you will be welcomed by the wine queen of Lendava, Lucija Šetar.

How Dr. Henn founded the Radenci Health Resort

As a young medical student travelled through Radenci in the 1830s, the coachman drew the burbling springs to his attention. “Can you hear how it bubbles today?” the coachman asked. Some thirty years later, in 1865, that same man – now the respected physician Dr. Karl Henn – returned to Radenci, determined to dedicate his life to the “mineral champagne” of his student days. After years of trials, he finally capped the mineral water well, and some years later began building the thermal baths.

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