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Saunas at the thermal pool complex of Health Resort Zdravilišče Radencio

In 2023, we are planning an increase in the number of saunas and lounges in order to meet the demands and wishes of our guests.

What's new

Digital service assistants Ana and Karl

In 2022, two digital service assistants, who our staff have named Karl and Ana, joined the serving staff in Zdravilišče Radenci. The cute and chatty assistants, who were named after the founders of Zdravilišče Radenci, Karl Henn and his wife Ana, are designed to take the workload off the waiters when serving food and beverages, and represent a further step on the digitalisation journey of Sava Hotels & Resorts.

5 rituals for your health

The renovated Health Lounge at Zdravilišče Radenci now offers 5 rituals for your health: The Henn mineral water drinking treatment; Mineral bath rich in CO₂; Exercises for a healthy heart; An apple a day; Walk around the Springs of Life.

Mineral water hand baths

In addition to the Henn drinking treatment with CO2-rich mineral water, which boasts a number of beneficial properties, the renovated Health Lounge now also offers mineral water hand baths.

The MAKE A HEALTHY CHOICE gastronomy programme
We are well aware of the importance of a healthy diet for your health. With the help of a nutritionist, we have put together the “Make a healthy choice” programme, with tips and suggestions that will help you create meals for better health and vitality. A selection of carefully prepared dishes is always available at the hotel restaurant, enabling you to stick to the guidelines for a balanced diet, while adapting your choice of food to your specific requirements or health issues.
The Gourmet Over Mura package
Fans of unique flavours are sure to enjoy this package, which includes a sumptuous buffet breakfast with seasonal local food and a large selection of dishes for a healthy meal, as well as a visit to restaurants and food producers in the area, and a tasting of local wines.
Dishes made with mineral water

Do you know why our apple strudel is so light? Because we make it with mineral water! Our chefs add it to numerous dishes to enhance the flavours, and even use it when making desserts or soups, and preparing meat.

The Spring of youth package
The Spring of youth package offers everything you need to recharge your batteries and return home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. In addition to unlimited use of our thermal water pools, the Henn drinking treatment and a mineral bath, the package also includes natural mineral water inhalation and two trips to interesting sights in the area.

Major projects in recent years

The renovated Health Lounge

In June 2019 we completed the renovation of the Zdravilišče Radenci's drinking lounge, where guests can enjoy beneficial CO2-rich mineral water, straight from the source. Now known as the Health Lounge, it represents Zdravilišče Radenci perfectly. We want our guests to feel comfortable, and start their journey to better health in our Health Lounge before continuing it throughout the health resort. At the mineral water spring, we want to create a unique experience in our guests' day – a moment when they can relax completely, and enjoy the beneficial bubbles of our mineral water.

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