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Current activities

Special offers during your stay

  • Grape seed oil massage
    15.3. - 30.4.2023 
    Corrium Medico-Wellness Centre 
    45 min,  EUR 45

    The massage oil “Grape”, obtained from grape seeds, has a high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, vitamin B6 and beta-carotene, as well as a number of minerals that preserve the beautiful structure of the epidermis, stimulate regeneration, and richly moisturise and rejuvenate the skin. After this massage, the skin is soft, smooth, toned, silky to the touch, and protected from external factors.
  • Berber massage
    15.3. - 30.4.2023 
    Corrium Medico-Wellness Centre 
    45 min,  EUR 45

    Using cold-pressed argan oil, this massage relieves muscle tension and detoxifies the body. High in vitamin E, argan oil smooths wrinkles, rejuvenates and nourishes the skin, absorbs beautifully, and leaves no greasy film. This massage leaves the skin feeling firmer, more elastic, and velvety.
  • Shiroabhyanga
    15.3. - 30.4.2023 
    Corrium Medico-Wellness Centre 
    30 min + 20 min,  EUR 36.00

    One of the Ayurveda massages – the oldest healing method from India. Shiroabhyanga is a head, neck, shoulder, and back massage with warm oils. It relieves tension and relaxes tired muscles.
  • Royal pedicure
    15.3. - 30.4.2023 
    80 min,  EUR 53

    This classic pedicure is enhanced by a foot scrub, foot mask, and foot massage. It further relieves stress, and alleviates the ailments of modern life.
  • Desserts to go
    A gift for your loved ones or a treat to take home with you.

    Apple strudel: 2 slices EUR 8.00 EUR 7.00
    Prlekija layer cake: 2 slices EUR 8.20 EUR 7.20

    Prekmurje layer cake: 2 slices EUR 9.00 EUR 8.00

Please enquire at the hotel reception for more information on special offers during your stay. All other discounts are mutually exclusive

Activities and events in the resort

  • Easter at Health Resort Zdravilišče Radenci

    Join us with your little ones for a torch-lit Easter walk. Together we’ll paint eggs and search for Easter treasure. Fun guaranteed!

  • Advice for a trip
    An artist or an explorer? An adventurer or an adrenaline enthusiast? In every case, we have some advice to make your stay nice!For more detailed information, please enquire with the staff at reception or our entertainment coordinators, who will gladly provide you with useful advice.
    Sights in the area around
  • Activities for Every Day

    Take care of your health on your holiday and join our organised exercise sessions: morning exercise and water workouts, hikes, Nordic walking, etc. Check out our tip for a Sunday stroll.

Events in Zdravilišče Radenci and the Surrounding Area

  • Travelogue lecture: Children of the World
    Gornja Radgona Youth Centre 
    31 March 2023 at 5 p.m. 
    Travelogue lecture by Zoran Furman. In his lecture, “Children of the World”, Zoran Furman will present, through fascinating photographs, the lives of children he has met on his travels through Asia, Africa, and Central and South America. No admission fee.
  • Negovanje 2023 Herbal Day
    Gornja Radgona, Negova Castle 
    23 April 2023, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
    The traditional Negovanje 2023 Herbal Day will again this year feature a herbal market, interesting presentations by renowned experts, a culinary workshop, a performance by the Castle Nobility, and a children’s programme.
  • Sočna Vilica /Juicy Fork/ Street Food Festival
    Murska Sobota, Sončna ulica 
    19 MAY 2023 from 12 noon 
    From spring to autumn, Slovenska ulica, or Slovenska vilica /Slovenian Fork/, as the locals call it, smells intoxicating and offers many flavours of street food. The Sočna Vilica Street Food Festival invites you to taste dishes complemented by fine wines from local winemakers, a varied selection of beers, other beverages from different suppliers, and sweet treats. 
  • 41. Maraton treh src
    20 May 2023 from 7 a.m. 
    The 41st edition in Radenci offers officially certified courses of 42.195 km, 21.098 km, 10 km, and 5 km. The youngest participants can try the Little Squirrels and Hearts race and you can even register your dog for the Doggy Race. The Nordic Walking contest and the Three Hearts March have also been part of their repertoire for a long time. 
    More information

Daytrips in Zdravilišče Radenci and the surrounding area

  • The Jeruzalem wine road
    Hiking or cycling the Jeruzalem wine road, you can visit agritourism farms and vineyards where you will find authentic local food and a wide selection of premium white wines.
  • The Radgona wine cellar
    Slovenia’s oldest and largest producer of sparkling wines has been producing and storing them in its unique cellars since 1852. Take a tour of three Radgonske gorice wine cellars and sample select sparkling wines in the tasting hall.
  • Gornja Radgona
    The Radgona Castle offers a beautiful view of Gornja Radgona. Take a walk past the Špital, a memorable 17th century building, the Never Again park of remembrance and the Boulevard of the Greats, dedicated to notable people of Radgona.
  • Bad Radkersburg
    Situated on either side of the Mura in Slovenia and Austria respectively, Gornja Radgona and Bad Radkersburg are linked by the Bridge of Friendship. Bad Radkersburg boasts countless small shops and cafes. In the main square, you will find the town hall with a Gothic tower and the Pistor Palace.
  • The Kocbek oil mill
    Established in 1929, the oil mill sells pumpkin seed oil, chocolate with pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil, and soap. Tours of the oil mill are available.
  • Pachamama centre
    The Pachamama estate boasts a biodynamic herb and vegetable garden, bamboo groves and a number of mosaics. Visitors can take part in natural cosmetics or woodworking workshops.
  • A visit to the Firbas agritourism farm
    In the pristine nature of Slovenske gorice, you will find the Firbas farm, where children can play with animals, run around the orchard or explore the vineyards with their parents. Home cooking guaranteed!

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