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Regeneration and rejuvenation the natural way

A good cosmetic treatment and/or cosmetics not only eliminate the symptoms of skin problems (e.g. dry skin), but also focuse on the causes of the degenerative condition. It is this type of effect that is the decisive advantage of REVIDERM treatments and dermocosmetics. At the Valens Augusta Medico-Wellness Centre, we first carry out a thorough analysis of your skin and only then recommend a suitable REVIDERM treatment. A quality and concentrated formula with a precise selection and combination of active ingredients, in combination with carefully selected corrective products, will effectively eliminate your skin problems.

Reviderm treatments are great for

Facial skin regeneration
Facial skin lifting
Reducing acne and its consequences (scars)
Improving hyperpigmentation and keratosis


Why choose Reviderm?

  • You are cordially invited to an individual consultation
    In order to maximise the results of your skin treatment, we first need to establish your specific needs. We invite you to an individual consultation a ...
  • Choose the right Reviderm treatment for your face
    Reviderm treatments are a gentle and painless method of facial skin care that achieves extraordinary results without the risk of allergies or scars. Y ...
  • Continue the care at home
    Prolong the effects of the treatments by using the Reviderm Skintelligence dermal cosmetics featuring a high content of bioactive substances that do n ...
  • We also recommend
    Med Visage - for a youthful face after a single visit.
    Med Contour - lose up to 2.5 cm in the most critical areas.

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Book a free consultation with our specialists at the Valens Augusta Medico-Wellness Centre. We will be happy to advise you on treatments and answer any questions.

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