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Med Contour

Lose up to 2.5 cm in the most critical areas

Losing body weight and the subsequent body shaping are not the easiest thing to accomplish. They usually require a drastic change in lifestyle, mainly the introduction of a balanced diet and regular physical activity. Even though such a change is essential for a healthy and slender body over the long-term, we sometimes want to lose a few extra centimetres quickly. This is most often the case before the bathing suit season or before an important event when we really want to look our best. At the Term Ptuj medico-wellness centre, we have complemented our extensive offer with some unique and highly effective body shaping treatments - Med Contour, which is recognised by the global medical profession as one of the safest alternatives to surgical liposuction.

The effects of the Med Contour treatment

A visibly improved figure
Tighter skin
Less excess fat and stubborn cellulite
Lose up to 2.5 cm from the targeted area after the first treatment
Improved skin firmness and elasticity


Why choose Med Contour?

  • Completely painless and non-invasive
    The completely safe, non-invasive and painless Med Contour treatment uses ultrasound, vacuum massage and lymphatic drainage. The ultrasound device suc ...
  • Immediate and long-lasting effects
    The results of the Med Contour treatment can be seen immediately following the very first treatment. Waist, thigh and buttocks size decreases by up to ...
  • Completely under medical supervision
    As we want to ensure that the procedure is safe and controlled, the entire treatment proceeds under the watchful eyes of specialised and experienced p ...
  • We also recommend
    Med Visage - for a youthful face after a single visit.
    Reviderm - cosmetic treatment for natural skin regeneration and rejuvenation.

Our physicians on the treatment

"Med Contour shapes the body using ultrasound, vacuum massage, lymphatic stimulation and lymphatic drainage. The treated area reduces in size by as much as 2.5 centimetres within 1 hour. The treatment is targeted, reaching the deepest parts of the fatty tissue, and is effective in reducing cellulite. The improvement in skin firmness and elasticity is visible. The treatment is carried out under the supervision of a physician. It involves no surgery, no pain and no recovery time."

Dr. Tanja Rauter Pungartnik, MD, physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist, head of medical services and wellness at Terme Ptuj

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