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The package includes
Half-board accommodation in the presidential suite
Unlimited bathing in the hotel pools and the Thermal Park
Roman-themed dinner with wine accompaniment
Dinner with fine wine accompaniment served at the table in Ptuj's famous Ribič Restaurant on the Drava
The price of the package differs depending on the dates chosen. The price applies for accommodation of at least 4 persons (at most 6) for stays from Friday through Sunday.
The package cannot be booked through the website, so please send us an inquiry.

Everything is better if you share it with someone else

Why friends enjoy being pampered here:
Luxurious suite with a massage tub and a terrace overlooking Ptuj
Luxurious themed wellness rooms with private baths and saunas
The world of saunas, which stays open in the evenings
Rejuvenation treatments
Excellent starting point for discovering the secrets of the oldest Slovenian town
Relaxing wellness programmes for groups
Exclusive Vespasianus thermal pools
A beautiful balance of culinary delights and healthy food
Opportunities for shared sports activities

Special offers during your stay

  • Lymphatic drainage (PRESSO)
    1.3. - 30.6.2023 
    40 min, 29  24 €

    Presso lymphatic drainage accelerates the lymphatic flow, detoxification, and clearance of excessive fluids. 
  • Med Contour
    1.3. - 30.6.2023 
    Up to 120 min240 € 140 €

    Body shaping method with immediate effects. Even after the first visit, your waist, thighs, and buttocks will be reduced by up to 2.5 cm, while the cellulite situation and skin tone will visibly improve.
  • Cavitation
    1.3. - 30.6.2023 
    40 min49  43 €

    A non-invasive, painless and effective method of body shaping, reducing fat cells; a safe alternative to liposuction.

  • Reviderm Cosmetics facial care – Ultrasound basic
    1.5. - 30.6.2023 
    70 min, EUR 90  EUR 78 

    The ultrasound treatment is suitable for all skin types. As a supplemental treatment, it heals the skin and is, along with regular treatments, conceptually also suitable for skin with pathological symptoms. Capillary circulation is stimulated, thereby optimizing the oxygen and nutrient supply of the cells. The treatment includes: surface cleaning, scrub, concentrate, ultrasound, mask, application of active ingredients, and finishing cream.                       
  • Grape anti-aging ritual - body care with massage
    1.5. - 30.6.2023 

    90 min, EUR 78  EUR 70

    Grapes and wine hold the secrets of eternal youth. The grape ritual is meant to pamper skin in need of invigoration and strength, with an anti-aging effect. The power of antioxidants encourages cell regeneration and protects the skin from harmful external factors. The treatment begins with a grape body scrub, followed by the application of an Art of Spa yogurt and grape face mask, and a full body massage with Art of Spa grape sorbet and grape oil.

The package Thermal enjoyment is available at:

The Grand Hotel Primus is a haven for people looking to restore their vital energy while surrounded by health, harmony and well-being.
More information
already from 340,30 per package per person
from 31.03.2023 to 22.12.2023
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The price of the package is valid for a minimum stay of 2 nights. Possible surcharges apply for additional nights. All prices are in euro and include VAT. The prices are valid per person (unless otherwise stated) and for the selected number of nights. Tourist and registration taxes are not included in the price.

Terme Ptuj: A perfect vacation for a fresh motivation!

The latest in body shaping programmes

Our experts in natural rejuvenation have combined their knowledge and achievements with the achievements of aesthetic medicine to offer anyone who would like to feel not only reborn, but also rejuvenated, a selection of the latest programmes of non-invasive body shaping. These include Med Visage and Reviderm for a more toned and rejuvenated facial skin, and Med Contour for a firm body, which is known as one of the safest alternatives to liposuction that can help you lose as much as 2.5 cm! 

Ptuj, Slovenia’s oldest town, and the area around it

Ptuj is the oldest town in Slovenia. Some two thousand years ago, in the time of ancient Rome, Poetovio was a large town with a population of around 30,000. It was bubbling with life, much like the thermal water that was later discovered on the right bank of the Drava, the river that wends its way past Ptuj. Special energies have always featured in the lives of the locals: Dravus, the energy of the Drava, washes away negative energy; the ancient temples dedicated to the god Mithras help achieve inner balance, and the Kurent brings vital energy and good cheer. Just what the modern-day warrior needs after facing the daily challenges of professional and private life. Find the motivation for new triumphs by relaxing around the Ptuj thermal springs, exercising and enjoying the fine wines from the local hills.
Foto: Stanko Kozel, TZ Ptuj

Rejuvenation and regeneration in the oldest Slovenian town

Terme Ptuj is one of the youngest Slovenian thermal spas. Perhaps it is precisely its youthful nature that makes it perfect for a rejuvenation and regeneration getaway to strengthen your body. Nature intertwined with vineyards, exercising in the fresh air along the Drava river, relaxation with yoga, regeneration and pampering in thermal water, during wine-themed massages and in the world of saunas, and local cuisine enriched with fresh and homemade ingredients and selected wines – you will undoubtedly leave Terme Ptuj feeling younger and even more full of vital energy than you were when you arrived!

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