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The Pinwheel of Health

Healthy nature
We are a part of nature and the universe. Nature is the cornerstone of our existence. Observe it. Take your time – don’t be in a hurry. Close your eyes, enjoy the sunshine, listen to the birds, feel the soft breath of the wind... Find your awareness, let calmness wash over you and focus on the moment. Awareness of the world around you and close contact with nature will lead you to inner peace.
Daily relaxation
Relax your mind and let it become one with your body. Take ten minutes and observe the flow of thoughts at any given moment. Our heads are constantly filled with thoughts. If these are destructive, they can spoil the mood, upset us or make us sad. Most importantly, they lead to equally destructive experiences. The best way to neutralise negative thoughts is through awareness and unbiased observation.
Full and conscious breathing
Focus on your breathing. First inhale with your diaphragm, then fill your chest (the upper part of the lungs) with air. When your lungs are full, exhale to empty them completely. Repeat the exercise. Full and conscious breathing is an excellent relaxation technique that you can try anywhere. Full breathing gives you more oxygen and more vital energy.
Daily exercise
Choose your favourite physical activity. Pay attention to every movement and position of the body. Try to include in your daily routine the five Tibetan exercises that strengthen the body, improve mobility and stimulate the flow of vital energy. At first, repeat each exercise three times. Later, add two repetitions every week until you reach up to 21 repetitions of each exercise.
A healthy diet
Turn every meal into a ritual. Take the time to enjoy the taste and smell of food. If you are stressed out, relax first. The feeling of fullness comes from tasting the food in your mouth, so eat with awareness and finish your meal when your stomach is three-quarters full. Eating with attention and awareness, you will develop a feeling for telling the difference between a physical and a psychological need for food.
Good interpersonal relationships
Emotions are a part of daily communication. Recipients understand messages linked to positive emotions – respect, calmness, joy, excitement – while negative emotions will drive them away. Pay attention to your mood, particularly when you are not at your best. Work on your relationship with yourself, other people and nature. Strengthen the relationships that make you happy.

5 Tibetan vitality exercises

  • Stand in a relaxed stance with arms extended at your sides, fingers together, feet a shoulder-width apart. Turn clockwise. Don’t spin too fast. This exercise stimulates the flow of energy in the body.
  • Find a flat surface and lie on your back. Relax your arms along the body. Inhale, raise your legs (bend them at the knee for an easier version) and lift your head to bring it as close to your chest as possible. Hold your breath, then exhale while slowly lowering your head and legs to the original position.
  • Sit on your heels or kneel with your toes tucked under. Consciously straighten your spine and place your hands on your buttocks. As you inhale, slowly bend your head and neck as far back as possible and hold your breath. While exhaling, slowly bend your head forward until it touches your chest.
  • Sit on the floor with your knees bent and your feet a hip-width apart. Place your hands on the floor next to your thighs and bend your head towards your chest. As you inhale, lift your body forward and up, bend your head back and hold the bridge position. While exhaling, slowly sit back into the starting position.
  • Support yourself on all fours. Your legs are extended, your body arched downwards and supported on extended arms and tucked toes. Inhale deeply while lifting your pelvis into the downward dog position. Try to press your heels to the floor. Lean your head on your chest and hold your breath for a few moments. While exhaling, lower your pelvis to the original position and bend your head back as far as possible.

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