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Sights in the area around Terme Ptuj

Ptuj, Slovenia’s oldest town, and the area around it

Ptuj is the oldest town in Slovenia. Some two thousand years ago, in the time of ancient Rome, Poetovio was a large town with a population of around 30,000. It was bubbling with life, much like the thermal water that was later discovered on the right bank of the Drava, the river that wends its way past Ptuj. Special energies have always featured in the lives of the locals: Dravus, the energy of the Drava, washes away negative energy; the ancient temples dedicated to the god Mithras help achieve inner balance, and the Kurent brings vital energy and good cheer. Just what the modern-day warrior needs after facing the daily challenges of professional and private life. Find the motivation for new triumphs by relaxing around the Ptuj thermal springs, exercising and enjoying the fine wines from the local hills.

Daytrips in the surrounding area

  • Ptuj – the treasury of the millennia

    Ptuj, Slovenia’s oldest town, boasts a rich and colourful past. Most of the town centre is protected as a monument of cultural and historical significance. Walk around the old town centre, enjoy the beautiful view from Ptuj Castle and relax on the shores of the Ptuj Sea. From Terme Ptuj, the town can be reached on foot or by bus. There is a bus stop next to the resort.

  • Ptuj Castle

    Situated on a hill overlooking the town centre, this majestic fort boasts enchanting views of Ptuj, its surroundings and Lake Ptuj. In the castle, you can see the sumptuously furnished rooms, furniture from the feudal period, carnival masks, collections of weapons and musical instruments and the castle gallery.

  • The Ptuj wine cellar

    Distinguished by over 700 years of tradition, the Ptuj wine cellar is the oldest in Slovenia. The oldest wine in its archive is Zlata trta (Golden Vine), which dates back to 1917. The wine cellar features sound and light effects that make the beautiful carved wooden barrels even more memorable.

  • The wine-growing area of Haloze

    There is a long tradition of wine-growing in the Ptuj area. Haloze is a landscape of low, rolling hills. To the south across the Dravinja, there are steeper hills such as Donačka gora and Boč that are popular hiking destinations. Between Ptuj and Zavrč, Borl Castle stands on an imposing rock overlooking the Drava.

  • Slovenske gorice

    There are a number of themed, cycling and hiking trails in Slovenske gorice, the hilly wine-growing area between the Mura and the Drava. The countryside is dotted with countless small churches and agritourism farms, where visitors can enjoy a homemade lunch and a tasting of local wines.

  • Kurentovanje

    Kurentovanje is the largest organised carnival event in Slovenia and Central Europe. It usually begins on Candlemas (2 February) and lasts until Shrove Tuesday. During this time, Ptuj and the surrounding area are taken over by masked characters. The main event is the traditional international carnival parade on Shrove Sunday.

  • A visit to the Kurent workshop (Spuhlja)

    The Kurent is the most popular of all the traditional carnival characters in the Ptuj region. For generations, the Klinc family in Spuhlja near Ptuj has been involved in making the traditional Kurent costumes. They are created in the “Kurent workshop” by the renowned costume-maker Marko Klinc.

  • The Roman games

    Held in the second half of August in Ptuj, the Roman games bring to life the customs and events of the year 69, when the Roman encampment of Poetovio hosted a meeting of the commanders of all the legions in the Podonavje region. The stories of the nobles, soldiers, free citizens and slaves of the day play out in various shows and performances.

  • Mystical heritage

    In the area around Ptuj, you can relive the Medieval adventure of Parsifal’s quest for the Holy Grail and other hidden treasures and visit one of the ancient temples dedicated to the god Mithras, the mystical Ptujska gora mountain or the Jupiter temple on Grajski grič. These are believed to be special areas of harmonious balance.

  • The Ptuj Sea – Ranca

    For our active guests, a visit to the Ranca sports and recreation centre on the shores of the Ptuj Sea is a must. From Terme Ptuj, it can be reached on foot or by bike. Cycling and running enthusiasts will enjoy the trail that loops around the lake. In the summer, the lake offers a wealth of water sports and activities.

  • The Šturmovci Nature Park

    During your visit to Lake Ptuj, don’t miss the Šturmovci Nature Park, where a completely different world awaits: gravel deposits, shoals, floodplain forests and beautiful meadows sparsely dotted with trees and resembling a manicured castle park.

  • Ptujska Gora

    Ptujska Gora is a village nucleated around a square and an imposing Gothic church, which stands atop a hill and is visible from a considerable distance. The beautiful views of Dravsko polje and Haloze make the hill a popular destination for hikers and cyclists.

  • Mariborsko Pohorje

    Mariborsko Pohorje is the largest ski centre in Slovenia. Visitors can take a ski lift to the summit to enjoy the magnificent views. In the summer, Pohorje offers a bike park, a summer sledding track and countless hiking trails. It can also be explored on horseback.

  • The Vurberk Castle and Adventure Park

    Visit the remains of the mysterious Vurberk Castle near Ptuj and absorb the healing energy at the many energy points there. The Vurberk Adventure Park is situated nearby. Climbing enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies can try their hand at three treetop courses of various difficulty levels.

  • Little Red Riding Hood’s fairytale forest

    Enjoy a family adventure in Little Red Riding Hood’s fairytale forest (Mohorkova graba). In the fairytale houses set in natural green surroundings, you will find scenes from famous fairytales. The fairytale houses are open from Friday to Sunday.

  • The Puh Museum

    The perfect choice for classic car enthusiasts, this museum houses exhibits created by the inventor Janez Puh, the man who laid the groundwork for the Rossis and Lorenzos of today. During World War I, he built the famous Puch motorcycle and one of the most reliable cars.

Events in Terme Ptuj and the Surrounding Area

  • Cinema without a Ceiling
    Arcades of the Ptuj castle courtyard 
    Cinema without a Ceiling brings the most unforgettable titles from the past season to this enchanting venue between the arcades of the castle courtyard.
  • Art Stays 2022, Festival of contemporary art
    7.6. - 18.9.2022 
    Exhibition venues and galleries across Ptuj 
    The Art Stays is one of the most important festivals of contemporary fine art in Slovenia.
    Photo: Luka Karlin, Studio Virc,

  • Opera on Panorama
    Poetovio archaeological park, Ptuj 
    2 July 2022 (moved to 3 July if the weather is bad) 
    An evening of the greatest opera hits at an open-air venue – on the hill with the Panorama archaeological park.
  • Arsana, International music festival 2022
    21.7. - 30.7.2022 
    Various venues in the old town centre 
    Music aficionados will love the festival. Every year the festival features a number of events and performances by classical, jazz, world, vocal, and instrumental musicians.
  • Ptuj summer night 2022
    5.8. - 6.8.2022 
    Old town centre 
    Traditional event to celebrate the city holiday. Every square becomes a concert venue, streets turn into promenades with music, the air fills with the sweet smells of food, and the city itself dances to the beat.
    Photo: Marko Pigac, arhiv Zavoda za turizem Ptuj,
  • XV. Roman games
    18.8. - 21.8.2022 
    Old town centre and Roman Camp Poetovio 
    Two thousand-year old Roman stories from the greatest period of Slovenia’s oldest city will be brought back to life in Ptuj. The Roman games celebrate a fateful encounter in Poetovio (today Ptuj), where Marcus Antonius Primus addressed the Roman generals to support Vespasian for the emperor.
    Photo: Mankica Kranjec, Zavoda za turizem Ptuj
  • Museum Weekend – Roman Games
    The Roman camp in Štuki 
    20 August 2022 
    Roman-themed family workshop, participation in the Roman Games.
    Photo: Marcela Krnicar, Zavoda za turizem Ptuj
  • Dinner on the bridge 2022
    Ptuj footbridge 
    20 August 2022 
    The dinner on the bridge at sunset is a special way to experience the oldest Slovenian town. Treat yourself to a special evening of culinary excellence brought to you by the renowned Ptuj-based restaurant Gostilna Ribič and selected winemakers.
    Photo: Stanko Kozel, Zavoda za turizem Ptuj
  • Days of poetry and wine, international poetry festival
    23.8. - 27.8.2022 
    Old town centre 
    One of the largest and most recognizable international poetry festivals in this part of Europe. Every year the festival hosts over twenty poets from all over the world along with selected domestic winemakers. 
    Photo: Andrej Tarfila,

The remains of a thousand years of history in Ptuj

In the area around Ptuj, there are five temples dedicated to the god Mithras. Next to the ancient sacrificial stones, it is easier to access your inner strength and absorb the energy to face the daily stress of modern life. Alternatively, you can find inner strength by the Drava, whose mysterious energy – Dravus – is believed to wash away negative thoughts. While you’re walking, remember to check the ground beneath your feet – you may stumble across an ancient gold coin. Somewhere near Ptuj, a treasure is believed to be buried next to the grave of the infamous Attila the Hun.

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