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A romantic break at Terme Ptuj

A weekend of pampering
Take a break together that will make you feel like a pair of Roman rulers, an Egyptian pharaoh and princess or a Japanese emperor and empress!
A culinary aphrodisiac
From decadent Roman desserts and local wines to fresh and healthy meals – we know how to find the perfect balance for a revitalising effect!
Sports will bring you closer
Have you ever held hands while riding a bike through wine-growing hills? The shared memories you create during your active vacation at Terme Ptuj will stay with you forever!
The Grand Hotel Primus
The Grand Hotel Primus is a haven for people looking to put themselves first for at least a few moments. Treat yourselves to a weekend of relaxation just for you!
The romantic secrets of Ptuj
Walking the age-old streets of the ancient town of Ptuj, enjoying the view from Ptuj Castle or tasting wines in the oldest wine cellar in Slovenia will give your love a fresh spark!

Fuel for the flame of love

What couples value most about us:
Wellness programmes for couples
The world of saunas, which stays open in the evenings
Thermal bath suites at the Grand Hotel Primus
A beautiful balance of culinary delights and healthy food
Cycling around the local vineyards
Golf course next to the hotel
Luxury themed wellness rooms with private baths and saunas
Beauty treatments for him and her
The Vespasianus pools – exclusive thermal pools
An excellent starting point for romantic daytrips in the area
Opportunities for shared sports activities
The Pinwheel of Health, where you learn to listen to yourself


Terme Ptuj – a perfect vacation for a fresh motivation!

Like the heroes of ancient Rome, the heroes of the modern world – although used to the fast pace of life – sometimes need a bit of rest and enjoyment. At Terme Ptuj, you will find everything you need for active regeneration!
  • Thermal pools
    Terme Ptuj boasts a large variety of pools – in our Thermal Park you will find everything you need for water fun and recreational swimming. Meanwhile, ...
  • Wellness suites
    Sometimes the best thing you can do for your relationship is to give it the time and space to blossom in all its beauty. Renting a themed suite in the ...
  • Baths for two
    At the Valens Augusta Wellness Centre, you can treat yourself to a variety of treatments and thermal baths for one or for two. How about a relaxing la ...
  • Beauty for him and her
    The Ptuj area is famous for its wine-growing tradition, but vines can be used for beauty treatments, not just for making wine. Our wine body scrub and ...
  • Gastronomy
    At Terme Ptuj we are well aware that a healthy diet is a precondition for your well-being – that good food gives you fresh energy and motivation. But ...
  • Weddings
    Weddings at Terme Ptuj are all about enjoyment – before, during and after the ceremony. The happy couple can prepare for their perfect wedding in our ...

Ptuj, Slovenia’s oldest town, and the area around it

Ptuj is the oldest town in Slovenia. Some two thousand years ago, in the time of ancient Rome, Poetovio was a large town with a population of around 30,000. It was simply bubbling with life, much like the thermal water that was later discovered on the right bank of the Drava, the river that wends its way past Ptuj. Special energies have always featured in the lives of the locals: Dravus, the energy of the Drava, washes away negative energy; the ancient temples dedicated to the god Mithras help to achieve inner balance; and the Kurent brings vital energy and good cheer. Just what the modern-day warrior needs after facing the daily challenges of professional and private life. Find the motivation for new triumphs by relaxing around the Ptuj thermal springs, exercising and enjoying the fine wines from the local hills.

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