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Current offers and activities

Current offers and activities

Special offers during your stay

  • Relaxation back massage
    25.7. - 31.8.2019 
    Outdoor Thermal park 
    Don`t miss a unique opportunity to feel better.
    20 min: 20,00 €
  • Babor essential skin care
    Indulge yourself with a facial treatment tailored to your skin type. The treatment includes surface cleaning, peel, massage and facial and décolletage mask.

    60 min 45,00 € 39,00 €
  • Balnea peat therapy
    Healing mud therapy is recommended for alleviating aches and pains in the lower back, neck and joints, improving the mobility of the joints and spine, and alleviating pain and swelling caused by injuries, surgery, rheumatic conditions or neurological disorders. 
    One wrap:  14,50 € 13,05 € 
    Two wraps: 19,90 € 17,91 €
  • Med Contour – body shaping treatment
    Using ultrasound, vacuum massage, lymphatic stimulation and lymphatic drainage, the size of the waist, thighs or buttocks is reduced by up to 2.5 cm in the first treatment alone.
    240,00 € 140,00 €
  • Bioptron
    This light treatment is used to improve microcirculation, strengthen the immune system, stimulate regenerative processes in the body, boost the production of collagen, improve skin quality, promote wound healing, and alleviate pain.
    10,00 € 9,00 €
  • Piknik košare
    18.6. - 15.9.2019 
    For carefree exploration of Ptuj and the surrounding area and to stop hunger in its tracks, we can pack a picnic basket of special treats for you at the Grand Hotel Primus. You can decide between: 
    • Picnic basket Primus and 
    • Breakfast in picnic basket
    Find out more at the reception of Grand Hotel Primus.

For more information about special offers during your stay please ask at the reception.

Events in the resort and the surrounding area

Events in August

12. 8. – 18. 8. 2019 Roman Games XIII
21. 8. – 24. 8. 2019 Days of poetry and wine
23. – 24. 8. 2019 Petovio Summer Fest
31. 8. 2019 Farewell to summer with Nina Pušlar at the Ranca

Hop on the Ptuj town bus

You can walk to Ptuj along the Drava river (20-minute walk) or catch the free town bus in front of the Thermal park!

Bus schedule is available at the hotel reception.

Activities in the resort

  • Activities and events for guests

    Every day, guests can choose from a variety of sports activities, from activities in the pool and Nordic walking to workouts, or join us for a social evening of bingo or a picture quiz. We also organise various daytrips where we discover the beauty of Ptuj and the idyllic landscape, the local sights and the gastronomy.

  • Advice for a trip
    An artist or an explorer? An adventurer or an adrenalin enthusiast? In every case, we have some advice to make your stay nice! There are also many organised excursions. For more detailed information, please enquire with the staff at reception or our entertainment coordinators, who will gladly provide you with useful advice.
  • Children’s entertainment

    All-day entertainment programmes encourage children to stay active, create, make new friends and have fun. For the entertainment of children of all ages, we offer sports programmes, a learn to swim programme, games for improving motor skills and dexterity, playground slides, discovering different professions, and a range of creative workshops.

    During the holidays Terme Ptuj is particularly lively and eventful. Vili the Duck will make sure his visitors have unforgettable summer, winter, autumn or May Day holiday adventures. Through the entertainment activities by and in the pools, children also get plenty of exercise while playing games and having fun.

Organised daytrips for guests

  • A lordly walk in Ptuj
    Discover the past through Medieval stories of castle lords and knights. 
    Dates: every Saturday in July and August, duration: 1.5 hours. Meeting point: Grand Hotel Primus reception at 8.45 (free city bus ride). 
    Price: 7 people or more: EUR 10 per person
    Price for 5-6 people: EUR 14 per person
    Children up to 5 years of age: free of charge
    The price includes: guided tour, sightseeing, and ice cream.
  • Become a Roman
    Visit a Roman fort to learn about the lives of ancient Romans and discover stories from the distant past.
    Dates: every Tuesday in August, duration: 2 hours. Meeting point: Grand Hotel Primus reception at 8.45 (free city bus ride).
    Price: 7 people or more: EUR 10 per person
    Children up to 5 years of age: free of charge
    The price includes: guided tour and a Roman souvenir handmade by you.
  • Čigra tourist boat rides
    On Saturdays and public holidays 
    Take in the old town centre and the surrounding area on a panoramic boat ride with the Čigra.
    Departure from Terme Ptuj: 16.45
    Price – adults: EUR 8.00 per person
    Children from 6 up to 14 years of age: EUR 5.00 per child
    Children up to 6 years of age: free of charge
    Family ticket: EUR 20.00
Please sign up one day prior to the trip by 8.00 pm (the latest) at the reception.

The most beautiful gifts from Terme Ptuj

  • The Primus cake
    This decadent Roman-style dessert with a liquid centre is available to go. Order it at the Aperitif Bar in the Grand Hotel Primus.
  • Roman oil lamp
    Oil lamps were used by our ancestors to “shed light and show the way”. As a symbol of light, they had an important role in religious rituals and folk traditions. They are available to buy at the reception.
  • The Diary of Legionary Primus
    Discover the story of Antonius Marcus Primus, the Roman commander that the hotel was named after. It is available to buy at the reception.
  • Vili the Duck
    Vili the Duck-themed souvenirs (children’s T-shirts, temporary tattoos and toys) are available at the reception.

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