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We renovate for you

Mobile homes

The refurbishment of all the Terme Ptuj Camping mobile homes was completed in July 2020, giving them a contemporary, natural, and open feel. Guests can now enjoy a simple, relaxing stay in the heart of nature, combined with all the benefits of a thermal resort and a wide range of activities in the surrounding area. The mobile homes are suitable for families and couples alike. The mobile home village will be surrounded by lavender, a plant typical of Terme Ptuj, as it was used for its beneficial properties even by the ancient Romans over 2000 years ago. 

Thermal Park saunas and campsite facilities

The refurbished indoor and outdoor saunas at the Thermal Park were reopened in February 2020, while the refurbishment of the campsite sanitary facilities was completed in June 2020. The campsite now offers new bathrooms, toilets, and a dishwashing facility. 
The new facilities are available to guests camping in their own caravans and tents, as well as guests staying in our wine barrels.

What’s new

The "Girls Weekend Getaway" package

We have prepared for you a “Girls Weekend Getaway” package, which includes waking up at the superior 4-star Grand Hotel Primus, sipping your morning coffee on the spacious terrace of the presidential suite (complete with massage tub and private Finnish sauna), all the while enjoying the view of Ptuj - the oldest town in Slovenia. To top it all off, enjoy an evening dinner with a selected wine accompaniment in Ptuj's famous Ribič restaurant, located right on the bank of the Drava river.

Digital service assistant Augusta

In 2022, a digital service assistant, who our staff have named Augusta, joined the waiting staff at Terme Ptuj. The cute and chatty assistant is intended to ease the workload of waiters when serving food and beverages, and represents the next step on the digitalisation journey of Sava Hotels & Resorts.

The Pinwheel of Health
Visit the Fortuna park in Terme Ptuj and look for the Pinwheel of Health. Relax your thoughts, feel the nature around you and focus on your well-being. Srečko Šorli, the creator of the Pinwheel of Health project, has used the six sections of the pinwheel to bring together six simple exercises for a better lifestyle. They will help you increase your inner energy level and prevent burnout.
Be fit gastronomy
Be fit is part of the Eat better programme at Sava Hotels & Resorts, aimed at raising awareness of the importance of a healthy diet. All Sava Hotels & Resorts Eat better programmes were created in close cooperation with nutritionist, Mojca Cepuš, an expert in the modern principles of a healthy diet for better health and well-being.
Themed Sunday brunches

Popular activities at the Grand Hotel Primus include themed Sunday brunches. In a show cooking event, the head chef prepares the food in front of the guests. There is an organised children’s entertainment programme at brunch time.

The Maximus Primus package
The Maximus Primus package for perfect pampering includes a relaxing massage for two, the Amor bath with scented oils and fruit, admission to the Flavia world of saunas in the Grand Hotel Primus, admission to the Thermal Park pools and saunas, and unlimited use of the Vespasianus pools.
The only ones in Slovenia with the Reviderm Experts title

The beauticians at Terme Ptuj regularly attend training courses, and soon, Valens Augusta will be the only wellness centre in Slovenia with the Reviderm Experts title. This means that in addition to beauty and anti-age treatments, their experts will also be able to help people with problem skin (scars, acne, etc.), in collaboration with dermatologists. The training consists of 4 modules, and the beauticians at Terme Ptuj have now completed the third one. 

Med Contour
The Terme Ptuj medico-wellness centre now offers Med Contour treatments – unique and highly effective body shaping treatments widely considered by physicians to be one of the safest alternatives to surgical liposuction. Shape your body where you most want it. With Med Contour, you can lose as much as 2.5 cm with a single treatment!
Med Visage

Med Visage is a unique facial rejuvenation treatment and one of the most effective anti-ageing skin treatments for the face, neck and décolleté. The skin is firmer, tighter and more elastic with a visibly improved texture even after the first treatment. In addition to visible effects, new collagen is produced in the skin for a long-lasting youthful appearance. Thanks to its extraordinary results, this treatment is also known as a non-surgical facelift, but unlike surgical procedures, Med Visage is painless and perfectly safe.

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