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Paraffin thermal water

Unstoppable power of paraffin

The Lendava thermal mineral water is classified "oil water", meaning that it is enriched by a special composition. It has the temperature of 62 °C at its source and is characterised by a high concentration of paraffin that is beneficial for the organism. Paraffin is also the reason behind its recognisable green colour. Bathing in the paraffin thermal water eases locomotor system problems that are said to be brought about by age, while it also alleviates problems with the thyroid gland, the respiratory system and skin. At Terme Lendava, we combine the beneficial effects of our green gold with other natural healing factors such as mud and herbal wraps.

Treatments with paraffin thermal mineral water

Recommended for:
Chronic inflammatory rheumatic diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis)
After injuries and surgeries of the locomotor system
Respiratory system diseases
After burns
Degenerative muscular rheumatism
After diseases and injuries of the peripheral nervous system
Skin diseases (non-infectious skin diseases, psoriasis)

Emerald discovery charged with the healing energy of the Earth

Paraffin thermal water was discovered by accident when drilling for oil in 1965. Hot emerald-coloured green water came from the well, bringing with the fossil remains in the form of paraffin. Over time, the locals found that this water veils the skin into velvet and silk, alleviates joint pain and eases ageing symptoms; with the powerful energy of the Earth that it carries within, it treats thyroid gland and skin conditions. It is this unstoppable power of the water that served as the basis for the creation of Terme Lendava.

Doctor's advice

"Our thermal mineral water and its rich composition retains a lot of heat which aids effectively in the treatment of rheumatic conditions. In order to best use the beneficial effects of natural factors in the treatment of rheumatic conditions, post-trauma and skin conditions, we have specialised in physiotherapy services to complement our thermal treatments."

Dr. Ranko Mudrinić, MD, physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist at Terme Lendava

Lyndva cosmetics

The beneficial effects of the paraffin thermal water from Terme Lendava were combined with carefully selected active ingredients for relaxation and improved functioning of muscles and joints. With our loyal visitors in mind, we have created a line of Lyndva massage gels that alleviate many locomotor problems resulting either from excessive sporting strains or age.

Wellness offer at Terme Lendava

Feel the power of nature harnessed in our wellness treatments. Experienced medical staff will use a professional approach in consulting you about your health issues and recommending a suitable therapy employing the effects of green paraffin water and other gifts of nature.

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