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Lyndva cosmetics

The effects of paraffin thermal water

eases rheumatic problems
alleviates conditions after diseases and injuries of the peripheral nervous system
alleviates problems after burns
helps with tissue regeneration after injuries and surgeries of the locomotor system
improves the condition of some skin diseases

Paraffin water for an improved locomotor system

The Lendava thermal mineral water is classified "oil water", meaning that it is enriched by a special composition. It has the temperature of 62 °C at its source and is characterised by a high concentration of paraffin that is beneficial for the skin. Paraffin thermal water was discovered by accident when drilling for oil in 1965. Over time, the locals found that bathing in this water eases problems with the locomotor system that are said to be brought about by age.

Lyndva massage gels

The Lyndva product line is the first line of glucosamine and cooling gels in Slovenia containing paraffin thermal water from Terme Lendava. The Lendava paraffin thermal water boasting a high paraffin content helps alleviate problems with joints, ligaments and muscles and is beneficial for well-being. It helps prevent and ease problems with the locomotor system and rheumatic conditions.

All Lyndva cosmetic products are available at the Terme Lendava reception and the Health Centre.

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