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Wellness at Terme Lendava

Dear guests, We have always put the health and safety of our guests and employees first. Considering the current situation with the coronavirus pandemic, we are closing all Sava Hotels & Resorts until further notice. If you have already booked a stay with us in March or April 2020, you can choose to have your booking refunded free of charge, or rescheduled to a later date. Follow us on our website and on social media, where we will keep you updated on reopening and any other developments. 
Thank you sincerely for the trust you have shown in us to date. We hope to be able to welcome you again soon for a safe and unforgettable holiday. We see that as our mission, and we look forward to fulfilling it.

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Well-being comes from nature
At Terme Lendava, we offer therapies based on green paraffin water, herbs and healing mud. We swear by the beneficial effect of crystals and colours and believe in the power of acupuncture when it comes to alleviating health issues.
Experienced medical staff
Our green paraffin water is particularly beneficial for rheumatic conditions. Combine it with various forms of physiotherapy and you will return from your holiday feeling completely reborn!
Park of miraculous energy points

There are five energy points around the resort. They emit energy at different frequencies, affecting various organs and the organism as a whole. You can also walk the barefoot trail to eliminate negative energy and absorb fresh, positive energy.

The coin of health
The coin of health is an amulet that uses cosmic energy, local clay, amethyst and paraffin thermal water to harmonise the energies and improve the wearer’s health.
Lyndva cosmetics
The beneficial paraffin water has been used to make a cooling gel to relax tired muscles, a gel to help combat tiredness, and a glucosamine gel to help with rheumatic problems.

Let nature work for you

Wellness services at Terme Lendava:
Baths for better health (pure paraffin baths and paraffin baths with extras)
2 Finnish, 1 Turkish and 1 infrared sauna
Classic and themed massage therapies, aromatherapy
Park of energy points
Thermal wrap treatments (paraffin, parafango and herbal wraps)
Crystal therapy and chromotherapy in the saunas
Wellness programmes with a local twist
Physiotherapy (kinesiotherapy, mechanotherapy, hydrotherapy…)


Wellness treatments for your well-being

  • Paraffin water baths
    Dive into an elixir of health for the body and beautiful skin – our paraffin water. Try our special baths with added flowers from the local linden tre ...
  • Natural thermal therapy
    We offer a range of thermal wraps, from classic paraffin and parafango (mixtures of paraffin and healing mud) to herbal wraps. They all have pain-reli ...
  • Chromotherapy and crystal therapy
    The hotel has 2 Finnish saunas, 1 infrared sauna and a Turkish bath. In the Finnish saunas, you can experience coloured light and crystal therapies. R ...
  • Wellness programmes with a local twist
    Our treatments are designed around herbs and paraffin. Pamper yourself with the Castle lord, Vineyard dreams or Linden source of youth programmes with ...
  • Massages
    Put yourself in the experienced hands of the Terme Lendava massage therapists, say goodbye to tension, pain and tiredness and let your body regenerate ...
  • Physiotherapy
    The purpose of physiotherapy is to alleviate problems before they develop into more serious conditions. We offer a range of physiotherapy treatments a ...

Experience the power of green paraffin water

with other natural healing factors (mud wraps, herbal wraps and more), it has been used for almost half a century to relieve chronic rheumatism, as well as post-trauma and post-operative conditions of the locomotor system and the peripheral nervous system. The paraffin thermal mineral water also helps with skin conditions – it promotes the healing of burns, softens scarring and alleviates non-infectious skin diseases. Additionally, it has a beneficial effect on respiratory conditions and osteoporosis. Discover the effects of balneotherapy and thermal water in our many pools and baths with paraffin water.
Opening hours
Wellness Monday to Thursday: 8.00–16.00
Fridays and Saturdays: 8.00–18.00
Sundays: 8.00–12.00
Saunas Sunday to Thursday: 12.00–20.00
Fridays and Saturdays: 12.00–23.00

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