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Health services at Terme Lendava


Why visit the Terme Lendava Health Centre?

  • Health services
    Terme Lendava has highly qualified medical staff available for examinations and consultations. Guests can also choose from medical treatments with a p ...
  • Therapies
    We offer hydrotherapy, mechanotherapy, electrotherapy, thermal therapy and magnet therapy. Physiotherapy is complemented with modern methods for manag ...
  • Accommodation at no extra charge for patients
    There are no surcharges for above-standard accommodation for patients sent to Terme Lendava for inpatient rehabilitation by the Health Insurance Insti ...
  • Lyndva gels
    A range of glucosamine and cooling gels with paraffin thermal water to help prevent and ease problems with the locomotor system and rheumatic conditio ...

Put your problems in the hands of our experienced medical staff

At the Terme Lendava Health Centre, we treat:
Rheumatic diseases: ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis…
Diseases, post-trauma and post-operative conditions of the locomotor system: knees, hips, spine, shoulders…
Non-infectious skin diseases: psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis
Degenerative diseases: vertebral and vertebrogenic syndromes, arthrosis, spondyloarthropathy, lower back pain…
Thyroid diseases
Respiratory system diseases: asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, upper respiratory tract infections…

Experience the power of green paraffin water

with other natural healing factors (mud wraps, herbal wraps and more), it has been used for almost half a century to relieve chronic rheumatism, as well as post-trauma and post-operative conditions of the locomotor system and the peripheral nervous system. The paraffin thermal mineral water also helps with skin conditions – it promotes the healing of burns, softens scarring and alleviates non-infectious skin diseases. Additionally, it has a beneficial effect on respiratory conditions and osteoporosis. Discover the effects of balneotherapy and thermal water in our many pools and baths with paraffin water.

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