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Sights in the area around Terme Lendava

Absorb the energy of Lendava!

In Lendava, the different cultures of Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia live side by side. This was once the location of the Amber Road but the amber has now been replaced by thermal mineral springs, excellent cooking, top quality wines, cycling and fishing in and around the picturesque tributaries of the Mura. The region is also famous for its energy field – visit some of the many energy points in and around Terme Lendava and recharge your batteries.

Daytrips in the area of Terme Lendava

  • The town of Lendava

    Situated in the heart of an idyllic wine-growing landscape, Lendava also boasts a number of cultural and historical monuments. Visit the 12th century Lendava Castle, the synagogue, the chapel that houses the mummy of the knight Mihael Hadik, the Protestant church, the Baroque parish church of St. Catherine and the museum dedicated to the townspeople through the ages.

  • The Vinarium panoramic tower
    The Vinarium (also known as the Eiffel tower of Pomurje) is a 53.5 m tall panoramic tower in the heart of Lendavske gorice. Slovenia’s highest panoramic tower offers beautiful views of four countries: Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia and Austria.
  • Lendavske gorice
    Located near Terme Lendava, the hills of Lendavske gorice are an excellent starting point for hiking tours. Visit the wine road to sample excellent wines and traditional specialities prepared by the locals on wine-growing and excursion farms.
  • A visit to the Lendava mummy
    Situated in a beautiful spot amidst the Lendava vineyards, the chapel of the Holy Trinity is a very popular daytrip destination. In this chapel, you will find the mummy of Mihael Hadik, a warrior from the Ottoman wars. Over 400 years old, the mummy is linked to countless legends and has always stirred the imagination of the locals.
  • Energy points around Lake Bukovnica

    In the shade of the trees around Lake Bukovnica, radiesthesists and bioenergists have measured beneficial, healing radiation from the earth. Contributing to better health and well-being, the 26 energy points are clearly marked. After just a short time in the area, blockages in your body will be released and your energy flows will balance out.

  • Energy points in Razkriški kot

    Razkriški kot is an extremely powerful area. Bioenergists and radiesthesists have identified 21 spots with a beneficial effect on the health and well-being. Here you can rest, relax and recharge your batteries.

  • Lake Bukovnica Adventure Park
    Visit the adventure park in the pristine landscape by Lake Bukovnica and test your physical dexterity on 58 climbing elements suitable for various ages and abilities. The lowest are 1.5 m high, while the highest are 8 m. Taller visitors can brave the Stork’s flight, a 27 m long climbing course.
  • Activities on the Mura
    Its extraordinary biodiversity makes the Mura one of the richest ecosystems in Central Europe. Because of the many species of fish, the river is a popular fishing destination. The entire length of the Mura in Slovenia is navigable. A number of kayaking and rafting options are available.
  • Shopping trip to Lenti
    The Hungarian town of Lenti, once a shopping Mecca for the people of Pomurje, still boasts streets full of small shops. We also recommend having lunch in one of the restaurants offering traditional Hungarian food.
  • Tropical orchid garden, Dobrovnik
    In Dobrovnik, you will find a small tropical forest: a garden of tropical plants heated by thermal water. In addition to a wide variety of orchid species, there are other fascinating tropical and subtropical plants from around the world to admire: from banana, pepper and coffee plants to the plain old flamingo flower.
  • Pomelaj/The Sabol house

    The Sabol house is a typical Pannonian farm where you can see how traditional corn husk and reed products are made or test your handicraft skills. You can also sample the house jams, salted sticks, roasted pumpkin seeds and elderflower juice.

  • The Copek mill

    The Copek mill in Mačkovci is one of the five surviving mills on the Črnec stream. Never discovered during WWII by the enemy, it continues to stand in this mysterious landscape by the stream, shaded by ancient trees. The perfect spot for a picnic!

The most beautiful local gifts are available right here!

  • “Pereci” bread
    This delicious milk bread, plaited into a wreath, is a traditional Prekmurje delicacy. It goes very well with “bograč” stew. A package of three “pereci” to go can be ordered at the reception or in the Taverna.
  • Lyndva gels
    The beneficial paraffin water has been used to make a cooling gel to relax tired muscles, a gel to help combat tiredness, and a glucosamine gel to help with rheumatic problems. The Lyndva range is available at the reception.
  • The coin of health
    The coin of health is an amulet that uses cosmic energy, local clay, amethyst and paraffin thermal water to harmonise the energies and improve the wearer’s health. Please ask about it at the reception.
  • Miha, the brave knight
    Miha the Knight, the mascot of Terme Lendava, is the only person brave enough to stand up to the local dragon, Trirogozob. Miha the Knight picture books, magnets and children’s T-shirts are available to buy at the reception.
  • “Bograč” pot
    According to legend, the “bograč” stew originates from the annual meeting of local shepherds, who cooked it in a cauldron over an open fire. Along with the “bograč” pot, you also get the recipe used by the Terme Lendava team when they won the 2011 Bogračfest.

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