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Gastronomy at Terme Lendava

A culinary combination of three nations
In the tri-border area of Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary, a unique cuisine was born from the friendship of the local people who mingled here. Discover the cuisine of the three nations in our restaurant!
Fine wine from Lendavske gorice
Even in the Middle Ages, the castle lords and townspeople cultivated vineyards in the nearby Lendavske gorice. The excellent local dry white wines are often used to make a refreshing spritzer.
XXL dishes
XXL dishes are some of our most popular. Order a plate of wings, fried chicken or a trio of squid and see who among you is the biggest eater!
Children’s favourites
During the school holidays, Terme Lendava is filled with laughing children. We welcome them (and their parents) with the most popular children’s dishes, prepared with a healthy twist.


Gastronomy services at Terme Lendava

  • Restaurant at Hotel Lipa
    The Hotel Lipa buffet restaurant offers full-board and half-board meals for resort guests. Local specialities are spiced up with musical evenings. The ...
  • Taverna with a summer terrace
    The Taverna serves snacks and à la carte lunches and dinners. We offer local and international food. Opening hours: snacks from 10:30 to 13:00, lunche ...
  • Other bars
    Hotel Lipa also houses the Aperitif Bar (6:30 and 12:00). By the thermal pools, you will find the open-air Bikini Bar (11:00 to 18:00), while the ŠRC ...

Join us for a culinary party!

Lendava is the world capital of “bograč”, a local goulash, and every cook jealously guards his or her own secret recipe. At Terme Lendava, we stick to the culinary influences of the region – our menu comprises proper local food to give guests the opportunity to discover traditional dishes. When you are hungry, try “pereci”, plaited Prlekija bread ideal for a snack or brunch. Don’t miss the local wines, which make a particularly refreshing spritzer. Ask the staff – they are sure to give you the best advice on how much wine to mix with mineral water.

Healthy and delicious

When on holiday, visiting a restaurant can be quite a challenge. Children usually favour dishes they know from home. And desserts, of course! We recognise the importance of a healthy diet for children. This is why we worked with the nutritionist Mojca Cepuš and prepared some of the kids' favourites dishes, but made them a bit healthier. 

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