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Current offers and activities

Current offers and activities

Enhance your stay

  • Berber massage
    1.1. - 31.1.2020 
    With cold-pressed argan oil to relax muscle tension and detoxify the body. Argan oil has excellent nourishing properties, rejuvenating and nurturing the skin. After the massage, the skin is soft like velvet, toned and more elastic. 
    40 min 36,00€ 32,40 €
  • Aroma massage
    1.2. - 29.2.2020 
    Enjoy a relaxing massage and pampering with the aromas of essential oils that relieve tension in the body and help you forget the stress of daily life. 
    35,90 €  32,31 €

Activities in the resort

  • Activities and events for guests

    Every day, guests can choose from a variety of sports activities, from morning workout in the energy park, water gymnastics and aqua fitness to hiking on the “trail of positive energies” and around beautiful Lendavske gorice. We also organise various daytrips where you can discover the Prekmurje landscape, sights and gastronomy.

  • Children’s entertainment

    There will be plenty of fun with knights to be had in Lendava. Miha the Knight is working hard to organise knights’ workshops and games, a knights’ evening, a hunt for the knights’ treasure, and other adventures. Families can join in with water games, a volleyball and badminton tournament, stargazing, a visit to a potter, and more.

The most beautiful gifts from Lendava

  • “Bograč” pot
    According to legend, the “bograč” stew originates from the annual meeting of local shepherds, who cooked it in a cauldron over an open fire. Along with the “bograč” pot, you also get the recipe used by the Terme Lendava team when they won the 2011 Bogračfest.
  • “Pereci” bread
    This delicious milk bread, plaited into a wreath, is a traditional Prekmurje delicacy. It goes very well with “bograč” stew. A package of three “pereci” to go can be ordered at the reception or in the Taverna.
  • Lyndva gels
    The beneficial paraffin water has been used to make a cooling gel to relax tired muscles, a gel to help combat tiredness, and a glucosamine gel to help with rheumatic problems. The Lyndva range is available at the reception.
  • The coin of health
    The coin of health is an amulet that uses cosmic energy, local clay, amethyst and paraffin thermal water to harmonise the energies and improve the wearer’s health. Please ask about it at the reception.
  • Miha, the brave knight
    Miha the Knight, the mascot of Terme Lendava, is the only person brave enough to stand up to the local dragon, Trirogozob. Miha the Knight picture books, magnets and children’s T-shirts are available to buy at the reception.

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