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Gastronomy at Terme Banovci

Cooking to grandma’s recipes
The Terme Banovci gastronomy is distinguished by a number of dishes made to old recipes and using local ingredients.
A taste of Prlekija cuisine
The hotel restaurant never fails to include local dishes on the daily menu. Guests can take part in free tastings and learn how to make typical Prlekija dishes.
Legends of the local cuisine
Traditionally, the Prlekija cuisine frequently uses groats, including buckwheat. Ask our chef and he will be happy to tell you more about the local dishes.
Children’s favourites
During school holidays, we offer the most popular children’s dishes prepared with a healthy twist.


Gastronomy services at Terme Banovci

  • Hotel restaurant
    The Zeleni gaj buffet restaurant offers full-board and half-board meals for guests and a varied selection of events for private groups. The opening ho ...
  • Bars and cafes
    In addition to the hotel restaurant, there is a cosy aperitif bar in the hotel lobby and three bars and restaurants that are open in the summer. The o ...
  • Fairytale celebrations

    Weddings, anniversary celebrations and events for other special occasions are organised in the hotel restaurant. We will take care of every last de ...

    Contact: +386 2 513 14 40

Learn about our dishes – from the idea to the plate!

Prlekija is famous for the Ormož wine-growing region, but the typical Prlekija dishes are just as good as the wine. At Terme Banovci, you can do more than just taste them – you can learn about their origin, the local anecdotes about them, and how to cook them. The daily programme for our guests regularly includes visits to local providers and cooking workshops focused on Prlekija dishes. Our chefs in the hotel restaurant pay special attention to presentation – a beautifully decorated and served dish will taste even better!

Healthy and delicious

When on holiday, visiting a restaurant can be quite a challenge. Children usually favour dishes they know from home. And desserts, of course! We recognise the importance of a healthy diet for children. This is why we worked with the nutritionist Mojca Cepuš and prepared some of the kids' favourites dishes, but made them a bit healthier. The Healthy and Delicious menus are available at all hotel restaurants during the school holidays.

The Pri banovskem gusarju Restaurant offering local and classic dishes, the Pri gusarjevi ženi summer bar and the bar in the nudist area are open during the summer holiday.

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