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Hop on your bike!

The best way to explore Prekmurje is by bike, pedalling with the wind in your hair, enjoying the smell of mown grass, the wavy wheat fields, the hum of farm machinery, the clattering of the storks and the murmur of the water. We invited three influential bloggers to this cycling experience, Sandra (@sandra_suc), Anna (@anna_spielmann) and Dino (@dinolanzaretti). They have seen many parts of the world from their bike, but not yet Prekmurje.

Prekmurje grape harvest

In the autumn, Prekmurje’s landscape changes colour and ripe produce on vast fields and fragrant grapes in vineyards call to be harvested. The Prekmurje grape harvest is a very special event, be sure not to miss it if you get the opportunity to experience it! We persuaded a fan of cooking, Ana Žontar Kristanc (@aninakuhinja) and her friend Nelly (@nellyslife__), a first-timer to Prekmurje, to strap the grape harvest basket on their shoulders, tie an apron around their waist and put on rubber boots. 

Three, four ... go!

The far-reaching Prekmurje plains and diverse hills offer countess opportunities for exercise and relaxation of the mind. That is why we invited the fearless acrobat Filip Kržišnik (@filipkrz) and the supple yoga teacher from Vienna, Sara Ticha (@sarahticha) to come for an active weekend in Prekmurje. They stepped on the pedals, cycled through endless routes and swung their golf clubs. If you think this was usual cycling and a usual golf match, you are mistaken! 

Photo gems
Prekmurje features numerous motifs that deserve to be caught by a photo camera or phone camera. Together with experienced travel photographers Sanja Leban Trojar (@igslovenia), Domagoj Sever (@domagojsever) and Oliver Oth (@oliveroth) we visited the loveliest spots next to the Mura river, where a special new experience awaited. There were of course abundant opportunities to shoot the perfect Instagram photo.
Queen gibanica!
Fortunately, centuries old recipes written by grandmothers from Prekmurje did not remain stowed away in their carefully kept notebooks. Simple, yet delicious meals have found their way to the kitchens of all three hotels at Terme 3000 – Moravske Toplice, where they are prepared by our top chefs to impress our guests. Famous culinary bloggers Simon Šketa (@sketa.si) and Catrin Neumayer (@CookingCatrin) tested their skill by preparing the queen of Prekmurje – prekmurska gibanica – Prekmurje layer pastry. 

Time seems to move slowly in Prekmurje. That is why Terme 3000 – Moravske Toplice is the right choice for a short vacation to relax and re-energise so that you will be up to the daily challenges again. An athlete and active mum Tjaša Perko (@tjasa_perko) and fashion, beauty and interior design blogger Verena-Annabella Raffl (@whoismocca), are very well aware of the importance of quality vacation. They received carefree pampering at the five-star Livada Prestige Hotel. You deserve is as well!

Black gold of Moravci
The black thermal mineral water from Terme 3000 – Moravske Toplice, which is used in the tubs of the Livada Prestige Hotel rooms, is believed to be number one source of wellness in Prekmurje thanks to its numerous healing effects on the human body. “Black gold”, as the locals refer to it, has a beneficial effect on age-related problems and is good for the skin, since it strengthens its immune system and accelerates regeneration. 

Pannonian meadow
The times when a thermal resort was believed to mean just pool bathing are long gone. It comes with excellent cuisine, various sports activities, trips in the nearby area and enjoyment at the wellness centre. At Terme 3000 – Moravske Toplice, we will make sure that you will come into close contact with Prekmurje. Besides the pumpkin seed oil massage, this is achieved by the Pannonian meadows massage, bringing to you the endless Prekmurje meadows. The secret of this massage is the specific nourishing oil, containing plants and herbs that grow in Prekmurje meadows and have a relaxing and detoxifying effect. 

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