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Sights in the area around Terme 3000

Over there, on the left bank of the Mura

Prekmurje is characterised by the Mura river, the Pannonian plains and the hilly landscape of nearby Goričko. This is where joy intertwines with reverie, playfulness plays with calm, and modernity mixes with a genuine connection with nature. It is often said that anyone who has visited Prekmurje once will return again and again. Just like the storks, the large birds indigenous to this land, who find their way back to their Prekmurje village home every spring.

Daytrips in the area of Terme 3000

  • Erniša Vineyard Farm and Winery
    The Erniša Tourist Farm produces high quality wines that will be served with traditional dishes made from home-made ingredients. The farm is home to many animals, including a Mangalitsa piggy.
  • Tropical orchid garden, Dobrovnik
    In Dobrovnik, you will find a small tropical forest: a garden of tropical plants heated by thermal water. In addition to a wide variety of orchid species, there are other fascinating tropical and subtropical plants from around the world to admire: from banana, pepper and coffee plants to the plain old flamingo flower.
  • The Volcania Adventure Park
    In Volcania near Grad in Goričko, they have revived the last volcano in Slovenia, which was active 3 million years ago. Visit the adventure park to experience a volcanic eruption and discover the exciting world of volcanoes and the forces that govern our planet.
  • Expano
    The Expano pavilion reveals the Prekmurje region in an inventive and innovative way. The pavilion is the visitors' doorway into the region. It amazes with tradition, natural features, the beauty of the landscape and the tranquillity of the land along the banks of the Mura River. The location along the Sobota Lake offers numerous active experiences. There is also a recreational park.
  • Lake Bukovnica
    Lake Bukovnica (Bukovniško jezero) is known for the miraculous power of the nature around it. Shaded by chestnut and beech trees, there are a number of beneficial energy points around the lake to improve your health and general well-being. Take a walk around the lake and absorb fresh energy in pristine nature.
  • The Passero Estate with a country chocolaterie

    The Passero Estate, in the heart of Prekmurje, is famous for authentic local flavours. In the winery, you can sample local delicacies while enjoying their wines. The country chocolaterie offers delicious chocolate featuring traditional flavours, such as Prekmurje layer cake, local jurka grapes, elderflower and pumpkin seeds.

  • The Korenika eco-social farm
    The Korenika eco-social farm introduces visitors to the specifics of organic farming and the use of herbs in everyday life. You can take part in preparing traditional dishes with organic ingredients (spelt rolls, spreads, bread, salads with spelt and buckwheat...) or feeding and taking care of the farm animals.
  • The Goričko castle
    Slovenia’s largest Baroque castle stands in the heart of the Goričko Nature Park. According to legend, it has a total of 365 rooms. First built by the Knights Templar in the 11th century, in the 19th century it was adapted into the building we know today. The locals can tell you a number of legends about the castle, the most famous of which tells the story of a castle lord who desired the crown of a flying dragon.
  • The Plečnik church in Bogojina
    The church in Bogojina was designed by the famous Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik. Its pure white exterior has led locals to call it the “white dove”. Prekmurje’s best-known place of worship, the church is an interesting example of early 20th century architecture.
  • The rotunda in Selo
    Built in the 13th century, the rotunda – a round church dedicated to St. Nicholas and the Virgin Mary – is a monument to Romanesque architecture and Gothic painting. According to legend, it originally belonged to the Knights Templar.
  • Lake Bukovnica Adventure Park
    Visit the adventure park in the pristine landscape by Lake Bukovnica and test your physical dexterity on 58 climbing elements suitable for various ages and abilities. The lowest are 1.5 m high, while the highest are 8 m. Taller visitors can brave the Stork’s flight, a 27 m long climbing course.
  • European Stork Village
    The Velika Polana municipality is especially known for white storks. In the second half of July and August, large flocks of storks congregate in the wider area of Mala Polana and Velika Polana. In 1999, Velika Polana was awarded the title of European Stork Village by the EuroNatur initiative.
  • Rafting on the Mura
    From a raft on the Mura, you will be able to admire the beautiful landscape around the river. Experienced guides will show you the hidden corners of the exciting Mura river and the nature around it. All you have to do is enjoy!
  • The Murska Sobota Castle
    The Murska Sobota Castle – a Renaissance manor – is situated in the town’s large park. Inside you will find an exhibition on Prekmurje’s archaeological past and the history of the people who lived by the Mura river from prehistoric to modern times.
  • The Časar mill in Berkovci
    The Časar mill stands in Berkovci on the forest edge by the Ratkovci stream. Built in 1930, it has been declared a cultural and technical monument. The museum includes an ethnology collection of tools, the remains of an oil mill, a fascinating Francis turbine and an impressive machine powered by wood gas.
  • The Kodila Ham House
    The Kodila Ham House offers tours and tastings of Pomurje hams and other delicacies. They will be happy to show you the clay coated, thatched roof spaces where the Prekmurje hams are matured. “Know what you eat!” is the motto that guides them in the production of Prekmurje and Goričko ham.
  • The pottery village of Filovci
    Come to Filovci to learn all about pottery, Prekmurje’s most typical craft, and discover the authentic “cimprače”: thatched roof houses built from wood and clay. The houses are equipped with furniture typical of the Pomurje region.
  • The Marof winery and mansion in Mačkovci
    The Marof vineyards bask in the sun on the slopes of Goričko. Overlooking the village of Mačkovci, the winery boasts modern premises for traditional wine-making. In addition to wine tasting, the Marof winery also serves house dishes and a variety of regional delicacies.

Events in Terme 3000 and the Surrounding Area

  • An outdoor exhibition of Moravske Toplice through time - 60 years ago we discovered hot water!
    In the park next to the Evangelical Church in the centre of Moravske Toplice. 
    25 June 2023 - 31 December 2023 

    For Moravske Toplice, this year marks the 60th anniversary of the discovery of hot, gas-rich thermal water which, under the diligence of the locals, dictated the accelerated development of Moravci at that time. The outdoor exhibition can be viewed in the park near the Evangelical church in the centre of Moravske Toplice. Photo: TIC Moravske Toplice

  • Advent market
    Moravske Toplice town centre 
    30 November – 3 December 2023 from 14:00 to 18:00 

    At the December holiday market, you can find many local vendors and artisans presenting their wares, while enjoying the market's festive soundscape. Warmly welcome!

  • Christmas lights switch-on
    Moravske Toplice in the centre of town 
    1 December 2023 at 18:00 
    The city will be lit up by a magical glow. Festive and fairy-tale creatures will come to life, accompanied by a performance by children from the Bogojina Primary School and the Arbadakarba Christmas Circus. An event for all ages. Welcome!
  • Festive market
    centre of Moravske Toplice 
    7.12. – 10.12.2023 from 14:00, 14.12. – 17.12.2023 from 14:00, 21.12. – 23.12.2023 from 14:00; 23 December 2023 from 9:00. to 12:00; 26 December - 30 December 2023 from 14:00; 31 December 2023 from 9:00 to 12:00 

    The festive streets of Moravske Toplice welcome you to take a romantic walk in the soft holiday light with a visit to the Christmas market stalls. In addition to all of the stalls, there will also be various festive events taking place at the market throughout December. At the December holiday market, you can find many local vendors and artisans presenting their wares, while enjoying the market's festive soundscape.

  • Outdoor New Year Celebration
    Moravske Toplice town centre 
    31.12.2023 from 22:00 

    The longest night of the year in Moravske Toplice! To make the night unforgettable, energetic and full of positive vibes, a band will start playing at 22:00. There will also be an excellent selection of culinary delights. You are cordially invited to enter the 2024 new year with us!

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