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Choose what’s best

Put together your own healthy meal or order it à la carte
At the Livada Restaurant, check the labels to put together your own plate following the 50-25-25 principle or simply order from the menu of original, seasonal dishes.
Refreshing, freshly made smoothies
Treat yourself to a fresh fruit and vegetable smoothie to keep you full between meals and contribute to your daily vitamin and mineral intake.
Local cuisine with a healthy twist
Enjoy the traditional Prekmurje gastronomy with local delicacies while still limiting the energy value of your meals.

Choose What’s Best!

Choose What’s Best! is part of the Eat Better programme by way of which Sava Hotels & Resorts contributes to the building of awareness about the importance of a healthy diet. All Eat Better programmes at Sava Hotels & Resorts were created in cooperation with the nutritionist Mojca Cepuš, expert in the area of modern principles of eating healthy to promote well-being. Have a look at some advice on an improved diet that you can also apply at home.


Eat better at home, too!

  • Good habits for improved health
    • Find healthy food that makes you feel good and introduce it into your lifestyle.
    • Avoid white sugar.
    • Do not avoid quality ...
    • In the evenings, you should mostly eat vegetables and proteins.
    • Do not leave out any meals, especially breakfast.
  • 5 golden rules
    1. Eat 3 to 6 small meals. Distribute them evenly over the entire day.
    2. Drink 1.5 to 3 litres of water each day.
    3. Limit your coff ...
    4. Choose colourful food as it is only thus that you will get all of the required nutrients.
    5. Avoid processed foods. 50% of your portions should come in the form of vegetables.
  • 25 – 25 – 50
    • A very simple rule of how to compose your meal: 25% - 25% - 50%
    • Divide the plate into 4 equal parts. One quarter should be taken u ...
  • Avoid the following
    • Processed products (sugar, salt, flour etc.)
    • Homogenised milk
    • Hydrogenated or trans fat (margarine, sweets, industrially ...
    • Processed products (salami, pâté, etc.)
    • Monosodium glutamate, E621 (instant soups, sauces, savoury snacks, dried meat products, etc.)

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