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Current offers and activities

Current offers and activities

Enhance your stay

  • Pannonian meadow massage
    The secret of the Pannonian meadow massage is the specific nourishing oil with plants and herbs that grow in the Prekmurje region.
    60 min 45,90 € 41,31 € 

  • Classic manicure

    Nail and cuticle shaping, nail polish.

    60 min 24,90 € 22,41 €

  • Private workout for a healthy spine

    For strengthening and stretching  muscles and maintaining their mobility.

    30 min 17,90 € 16,11 €

  • Sample delicious desserts created by Chef Danilo Kozar
    Chef’s mousse, Coffee in a cone, Ice layer cake 
    3,90 €

    Café Praliné
  • Discover the joy of golf

    For people looking to learn the basics with a professional golf instructor.
    1 participant, 2 x 45 min: EUR 50
    2 participants, 2 x 45 min: EUR 30 per person
    3 participants, 2 x 45 min: EUR 25 per person
    4 to 8 participants, 2 x 45 min: EUR 20 per person

    Perfect your stroke...
    For experienced golfers, 25 min  25 € 18,00 €

  • Oxy treatment with diamond exfoliation for impure skin
    The Oxy System accelerates the cell renewal and the formation of new collagen with the supply of oxygen to the deepest skin layers. Immediately after the treatment, the skin is more resistant to external influences, refreshed and shiny.
    55 min 60,00 €  54,00 €
  • Rest and relax in the world of saunas and the Buckwheat lounge
    The price includes: sauna sheet hire, tea, fruit, sauna programmes. 
    1 x entry 9,90 € 
    Multiple entry 11,90 € 

    Opening time: 10.00-20.00

For more information about special offers during your stay please ask at the reception.

We are renovating for you

A new hotel pool complex – a new story of buckwheat

Are you planning a holiday at the Hotel Ajda in Pomurje’s largest thermal resort this autumn? Now you can look forward to a brand new indoor pool complex. Fully renovated, it now matches the rest of the hotel as they are both themed on buckwheat, a grain that has been flourishing in Prekmurje for over 500 years. The beautiful main pool is joined by a new children’s pool with play equipment, a pool of our famous beneficial black thermal mineral water, and two massage pools. When you are not soaking in one of these pools, you can enjoy a break in the aromatherapy rest lounge. The sauna area now features two new Finnish saunas. Between sauna sessions, you can cool off in the light or dark section of the Buckwheat Lounge with pillows filled with buckwheat hulls.

More new houses in Ajda Prekmurje Village

Further new houses will be built in Ajda Prekmurje Village, offering genuine contact with nature. The sumptuous greenery surrounding the houses will give you just the right measure of privacy, while also inviting you to take a stroll in the fresh air and to explore the surroundings. They will offer a truly unique experience of Prekmurje, its history and tradition: the Mura, storks, grain and bees are stories that await at every step, be it on the children’s playground, in the library under the branches, in the common picnic area, or on the barefoot path, which will cleanse you of negative energy and fill you with the energy of Prekmurje. There will be special areas provided for games of hopscotch or Chinese jump rope, as well as large benches and gigantic swings where you can listen to birds chirping, the typical sounds of storks and the buzzing of bees.

Activities in the resort

  • Activities and events for guests

    Every day, guests can choose from a variety of sports activities, from morning workouts and water gymnastics to Nordic walking, Tibetan exercises, resistance band exercises and aerobics for seniors. We also organise various daytrips where you can discover the Prekmurje landscape, sights and gastronomy. For a sweet treat, our chef will demonstrate how to make Prekmurje layer cake.

  • Children’s entertainment

    Our children's entertainment programmes are designed to ensure that while playing in and around the swimming pools, children also get some exercise. Resort mascot Viki the Stork takes children on unforgettable adventures and we always have a tip or two on how to have fun in the local area, too. Viki the Stork is at his most active during the school holidays (summer, autumn, Christmas, winter, Easter and May Day holidays). That is when he is busy coming up with new storktastic activities, teaching children about courage, exploring the local area with them or sharing with them the mysteries of the Prekmurje plains.

The most beautiful gifts from Prekmurje

  • The Prekmurje layer cake
    Ask anyone in Prekmurje and they will tell you that the Prekmurje layer cake is the best dessert under the sun. We will pack it for you to take home. Please order at the reception or in the Taverna.