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Renovating for you

Renovation of the Ajda Restaurant

We completed the renovation of Hotel Restaurant Ajda for you, our guests, in 2019. Creating authentic experiences for the guests, the hotel is themed around buckwheat, a grain that has been cultivated on the fields of Prekmurje for over 500 years. The restaurant continues the story of buckwheat, the common theme that runs through the Hotel Ajda. The refurbishment has given the restaurant a fresh look, views of the Prekmurje countryside and golf course, a contemporary feel, a large terrace to enjoy the Prekmurje sun, more seating for guests, and a separate section for the food buffets. Naturally, the dishes will have a local twist. 

Refreshed look of apartments at Prekmurska vas

In the first half of 2021, we upgraded the interior of the apartments in Prekmurska vas, using modern and comfortable materials for our guests’ stay. We have also refreshed and upgraded the terraces of the apartments, making them more pleasant for enjoying the outdoors in the fresh Prekmurje air.

Renovation of rooms in Hotel Livada Prestige – sustainable elements and handicraft traditions

The renovation of Hotel Livada Prestige’s rooms, the only five-star hotel in Prekmurje, was completed in 2022. The rooms were refurbished in a modern style, which aims to create a cosy atmosphere and facilitate well-being and even more comfort for guests. For the renovation, we used sustainable materials and included a unique element of our handicraft tradition in the interior design – Prekmurje straw and corn husk weaving. The hotel swimming pool was also part of the renovation efforts – we refreshed the pool’s exterior with the goal of improving guest well-being.

What's new

"All you can eat" lunches at Hotel Ajda
At Hotel Restaurant Ajda in Hotel Ajda, part of Terme 3000 - Moravske Toplice, we treat our guests to an "all you can eat" lunch, where every Sunday we prepare a rich buffet with delicacies from Prekmurje.
New attraction in the Thermal Park
In 2022, on the 60th anniversary of the official opening of the first swimming pool in Moravske Toplice, Thermal Park Terme 3000 surprised its youngest visitors with a new children's attraction.
Cyclists’ corner
At Terme 3000, we have opened a special “cyclists' corner”, where our cyclist guests can take a moment to review their routes, plan new tours, and prepare for an active holiday.
A package for cyclists: With our cycle route map, you have Prekmurje in the palm of your hand!
We have prepared a special package for cyclists and created a map of all known cycling routes, with which cyclists will have Prekmurje in the palm of their hand! In addition to the map of cycling routes, the package includes the use of a bicycle storage room, a special cyclists’ corner, the possibility of washing bicycles, and a water bottle.
The Mura Gourmet package

Gastronomy enthusiasts at Terme 3000 - Moravske Toplice and at Health Resort Zdravilišče Radenci will be treated with the Mura Gourmet package, which will introduce guests to the surrounding area’s gastronomic selection.

Photo: Arhiv TIC Moravske Toplice, Jošt Gantar

Digital service assistants Katica and Ivan

In 2022, two digital service assistants, who our staff have named Ivan and Katica, joined the waiting staff at Terme 3000 – Moravske Toplice. The cute and chatty assistants are intended to ease the workload of waiters when serving food and beverages, and represent the next step on the digitalisation journey of Sava Hotels & Resorts. There are currently 6 of them helping out in Terme 3000 – Moravske Toplice.

Breakfast, Prekmurje style

They say breakfast sets the tone for the day. If that’s true, your days with us will be full of genuine Prekmurje experiences! At Hotel Livada Prestige, we will pamper you with an authentic and hearty breakfast, Prekmurje style, composed of delicacies from local producers, such as Prekmurje meats, local cow’s and goat’s cheese, crackling spread, minced lard, buckwheat salad, Prekmurje yoghurts and butter, “vrtanek” plaited bread and onion bread. “Boug žegnjaj!” (God bless!)

The Ajda Prekmurje Village playground
The Ajda Prekmurje Village playground was refurbished in summer 2019, giving children a place to have fun and get in touch with nature. There is wooden play equipment for them to explore and enjoy. Set up to resemble a forest with nets and wooden climbing elements, the play equipment improves hand-eye coordination and the motor process. There is a tower to improve stability and orientation, as well as swings and movable plates for better balance. Meanwhile, the youngest children are sure to enjoy the sandpit
Barefoot trail
As of summer 2019, a new barefoot trail with six different surfaces found in the natural world of Prekmurje, winds its way among the refurbished houses of the Ajda Prekmurje Village. The surfaces made from acacia, found near the backwaters of the Mura River, and horse chestnut, which adds to the diversity of the Prekmurje flora, will keep you grounded, while river rocks, wood chips, and tree bark promise to give your bare feet a gentle adventure. 
Tree hugging
Since summer 2019, there has been a grove of trees next to the Ajda Prekmurje Village, where you can rest and relax. A source of vital energy, trees have a beneficial soothing and energising effect. Each tree has its own distinguishing characteristics. We have labelled them to make it easier for you to find your own tree in the park.
A different water workout every 3 months
Every 3 months, the entertainment coordinators at Terme 3000 – Moravske Toplice prepare a new guided water workout. Until the end of March 2020, you can join them at Aqua Vital for better mobility and flexibility, Aqua Detox for a combination of yoga and pilates, Aqua Walking for beautiful and toned legs, Aqua Flow for relaxation, Aqua Core for spine stabilisation, Aqua Balance for muscle activation, and Aqua Gym for fun in the water. 
A large selection of buckwheat dishes
Buckwheat is gaining in importance in modern nutrition, as it has countless beneficial effects on human health. This extraordinary grain has been cultivated in Slovenia for some 500 years. The chefs at Terme 3000 have included over 40 buckwheat dishes on the menu; in addition to the ever-popular buckwheat “žganci” (mush) and bread, there are a number of soups and desserts to choose from.
Prekmurje culinary evenings
Prekmurje culinary evenings are a big hit among the guests. Dressed in typical Prekmurje attire, the restaurant staff pamper the guests with local delicacies, with buckwheat being an important part. This special culinary experience is offered to full and half board guests. Prekmurje clay dishes are used to create a truly authentic atmosphere. 
Gourmet baskets delivered to the Ajda Prekmurje Village
During your stay in the renovated Ajda Prekmurje Village, you can order a gourmet basket with a selection of Prekmurje delicacies and sparkling wine.
Blackaquatherm cosmetics
Take some divine warmth home in the form of Blackaquatherm cosmetics. All the products are based on the natural black thermal mineral water from Terme 3000 – Moravske Toplice. Feel the heat from the depths of the Moravci springs, and enjoy the gentle pampering of our cosmetics range.
“Bograč” spices
The Hotel Livada head chef has spent years looking for the perfect combination of spices for the Prekmurje “bograč” stew. At last he found it! Take the spices home, so you can make this typical Prekmurje dish for yourself.
Buckwheat pillows to take home with you
Pillows filled with buckwheat hulls are featured at the rest spots in the renovated Ajda pool complex, and in the rooms of Hotel Ajda, but now they are also available to purchase. Enjoy the soothing and relaxing benefits of these pillows in your own bed. Buckwheat hulls help to regulate body temperature, and have a micromassage effect.
Pralines from our pastry chefs
Now you can treat yourself with pralines from our pastry chefs in your own home. We offer packs of pralines with pumpkin seeds, or walnuts and sour cherries, neatly packaged for you.
Locata Panonia
This unique dessert is a real hit among our guests. They simply love the combination of chocolate sponge, ricotta cream, poppy seed and walnut custard, apple puree, and raspberry sauce.

Major projects in recent years


  • Renovation of the Ajda Prekmurje Village
    2019 saw the renovation of 14 houses with 54 units. These charming wooden houses were inspired by traditional thatched-roof Prekmurje houses know ...
  • Renovation of Hotel Ajda
    The first stage of the Hotel Ajda renovation saw the refurbishment of 134 hotel rooms and bathrooms, the lobby and reception area, and the aperit ...

    The stories cover the history of buckwheat, its healing powers, beneficial effects on a good night’s rest, and more. We are working with a local provider to ensure that every room features pillows filled with Prekmurje buckwheat hulls, which have an antiviral and antibacterial effect, alleviate headaches, and improve general well-being. The accompanying services at Hotel Ajda are also linked to the story of buckwheat, as it relates to caring for the health and well-being of our guests. 
  • Renovation of the Hotel Ajda pool complex
    The Hotel Ajda pool complex was given a buckwheat-themed makeover in 2018. Carefully chosen details symbolise this ancient grain in the swim ...
  • Renovation of the Termal pool complex
    Step into the Termal pool complex, fully renovated in 2015, where water, earth, fire, and air work in harmony to strengthen your health, and boos ...
  • Renovation of the indoor Terme 3000 thermal park
    The indoor thermal park at Terme 3000 – Moravske Toplice was refurbished in July 2017, and given a contemporary, fresh, bright, and user-friendly ...
  • Construction of the Bridge of health and well-being
    The Bridge of health and well-being has connected the renovated Terme 3000 – Moravske Toplice indoor thermal park with the rest of the hotel comp ...

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