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Luisa Wellness

An elegant swimming pool complex
The swimming pool is refilled with thermal water every morning and offers views of Lake Bled just a few metres away. This is true relaxation in paradise!
The thermal spring
There is a thermal spring in the Luisa Studio. Swimming in the thermal water has a soothing effect on the cardiovascular system, while drinking thermal water helps relieve stomach problems.
Your well-being ritual
Wellness rituals for wellness enthusiasts are the pinnacle of the exclusive range of baths, massages, saunas and body and facial care.
A fusion of relaxation and entertainment
With its view of Lake Bled and its terrace, the Luisa Studio provides an intimate environment for small-scale parties and bachelorette parties, as well as programmes for couples.

An intimate wellness offer on the shore of Lake Bled

The Luisa Studio features:
Thermal water park
A private terrace with views of the lake
Luxury and classic massages
Facial and body care using first-rate cosmetics
Anti-cellulite programmes
Fun and relaxation programmes
Wellness rituals
Finnish sauna, Turkish sauna and infrared sauna
Beauty treatments
Romantic programmes


The Luisa Studio services

  • Thermal swimming pool complex
    Entry to the thermal swimming pool complex is free for hotel guests. Treat yourself to a glass of thermal water directly from the spring.
  • Wellness rituals
    Wellness rituals include several exclusive wellness services that will make you truly radiant.
  • Luxury wellness
    Numerous luxuriant and classic massages, pearl and herbal baths as well as Finnish, Turkish and infrared saunas – all in the opulent intimacy of Studi ...
  • Beauty services and care
    In the elegant environment of Studio Luisa, classic pedicures, manicures and depilation treatments, eyebrow shaping treatments and make-up sessions wi ...
  • Away from everyday hustle and bustle
    The atmosphere at Studio Luisa is just perfect for small parties and celebrations. We prepare them in coordination with the chef of Grand Hotel Toplic ...

Spring of virgin thermal water

Virgin thermal water from the Alps springs at Studio Luisa. Hotel guests and visitors to Studio Luisa often treat themselves to a thermal water drinking treatment where water is served directly from the spring. It is presumed to have a soothing effect on all the internal organs. The water from the spring has a temperature of 22 degrees Celsius and is also used to recharge the indoor swimming pool. Fresh spring water runs continuously into the swimming pool, while the pool is emptied at night, only to be filled again with fresh water. Owing to the numerous minerals, bathing in this water supposedly primarily soothes the cardiovascular system. In order to preserve the natural purity of the water and its positive effects on well-being, we do not heat the water. Swimming in this water is therefore very refreshing, especially if you visit a sauna first!
Opening hours
Wellness 8.00–20.00
Swimming pools and saunas 7.00–20.00