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The Heaven range of cosmetics contains totally organic ingredients. These revolutionary creams lift, tighten and firm the facial muscles, while smoothing deep expression wrinkles and lines. The products contain ABEETOXIN, a natural alternative to the botulinum toxin. To start, we recommend the Silver mask, which contains the venom of worker bees. After you have used Silver for a while, you can upgrade to Black. The Black mask is made up of three quarters of worker bee venom and one quarter of the rare bee venom used in the Gold version. The most potent anti-ageing Heaven product, the Gold bee venom mask, contains extremely rare and powerful queen bee venom. Only 500 are produced every year.
How is bee venom extracted without harming the bees? A glass plate is positioned at the entrance to the hive and electrified with a mild current. As the bee enters the hive, the current harmlessly stimulates it to release the venom on the plate. If a bee stings a person, its stinger gets trapped in the skin, causing the bee to die. However, the glass plate does not trap the stinger and the bee does not die when releasing the venom. The bee remembers that it has released its venom and will not use its stinger again.

Heavenly treatments with thermal water and Heaven cosmetics

Inspired by the beautiful nature of Bled, the healing properties of local thermal water and the skin care expertise of Heaven cosmetics, the Grand Hotel Toplice has collaborated with Heaven cosmetics and used the best that nature has to offer in order to create something brand new and innovative for our guests. Making the most of their skin care expertise, Heaven has added the Luisa Spa thermal water and developed a collection of heavenly luxury treatments using thermal water and Heaven cosmetics – healing treatments that soothe the body, mind and spirit.  You can choose from the range of heavenly facial treatments or a heavenly facial and full body treatment.  Based on your mood, wishes and needs, our therapists will recommend the best option from the treatments below.


Heavenly treatments

To achieve the best results, we recommend a dip in the natural fresh thermal water of the hotel pool before and after a treatment. During the treatment, we will offer you a glass of thermal water from our own spring beneath the Grand Hotel Toplice so you can discover the healing, cell-renewing power of thermal water. The cream is a gift to you after the treatment, enabling you to continue the ritual in your own home. We promise you will enjoy a heavenly journey!
  • Heavenly relaxation
    Soothing green mint, pomegranate and geranium oil will help you forget your worries, be calm, and relax.
  • Heavenly immune system boost
    Uses ginger, peppermint, red pomegranate and geranium to regenerate your white blood cells and open the chest, boosting the immune system.
  • Heavenly brain stimulation
    Contains rosemary, cypress, lemongrass and lavender oils to boost the production of adrenaline, which in turn improves the brain’s memorising and unde ...
  • Heavenly regeneration
    Contains carefully-selected fragrant orange, mandarin and neroli oils for a positive outlook on life changes.
  • Heavenly love potion
    Promotes self-love as it contains sumptuous jasmine, ylang ylang, rose, geranium and lavender.

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