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Hiking tours in the Bled area

Along the path of the Slovenian Eagles

With its massive ski-flying hill, Planica is one of the most famous winter locations in Central Europe, and with the valley under the Ponce Mountains, makes for one of the most beautiful alpine landscapes in the Julian Alps.
Hiking trail: Planica – Tamar – Planica
Duration: 2 hours
Length: 5 km
Altitude difference: 250 m
Difficulty level: easy
Start and finish: Planica

Trail description: The trail starts in the main car park in Planica (see photo). Follow the macadam path, which soon branches out in two directions – a gravel trail and a forest trail. Continue along the trail on your left, which gently, and occasionally moderately, goes uphill through the forest through picturesque slopes. During the hike, enjoy the amazing views of the Ponce Mountains. You will reach the mountain hut in Tamar in about an hour, and from Tamar return to Planica along the same trail.

Photo by: Aleš Fevžer

Through the picturesque valley to amazing riverbeds

The Voje valley with the Mostnica waterfall is considered one of the most beautiful panoramic alpine trails in Bohinj, which is traversed by the numerous riverbeds of Mostnica.
Hiking trail: Stara Fužina – Mostnica gorge – Voje – Mostnica waterfall – Stara Fužina
Duration: 5–6 hours
Length: 13 km
Altitude difference: 250 m
Difficulty level: easy
Start and finish: Stara Fužina 

Trail description: Drive from Bled to Bohinj (30 minutes). The trail starts in the village of Stara Fužina, past the Zois Manor, through the Mostnica gorge to the Voje mountain hut (1.5 hours). From there, continue along the meadows and pastures to the Mostnica waterfall in the photo (1 h), and return back to Stara Fužina, where you can enjoy a meal in the local inn.

Photo by: Mitja Sodja, www.slovenia.info

Capture the amazing views of Triglav from Pokljuka

Pokljuka is considered the highest Slovenian plateau, and offers visitors excellent opportunities for relaxation, both in winter and summer. In Central and Northern Europe, it is famous for being the venue of the annual Biathlon World Cup competition.
Hiking trail: Pokljuka plateau – Bled hut – Debela peč
Duration: 8 (6) hours
Length: 16 (12) km
Altitude difference: 650 m
Difficulty level: easy / medium
Start: crossroads at Šport hotel Pokljuka (you can also start from the monument – shorter version)
Finish: Triglav Pokljuka Sports Centre 

Trail description: Drive to Pokljuka, the highest plateau in the Julian Alps. From the car park, go for a stroll along the beautiful mountain pastures and through the hundred-year-old forest to the Bled hut (2 hours). You can make the trail slightly shorter and bring the starting point for the trail closer to the hut, where you can enjoy homemade food and drinks. After a short stop, continue to the amazing Debela peč mountain (see photo) offering panoramic views of Triglav and Stara Fužina, past the Zois Manor and through the Mostnica gorge to the Voje mountain hut (1.5 hours). From here, continue along the meadows and pastures to the Mostnica waterfall (1 hour), get refreshments at the local inn or admire the Alps (2 hours), and return back to Stara Fužina (2 hours). On your way back, return to the Bled hut along the same trail (1 h) for some refreshments, and then go down to the Triglav Pokljuka Sports Centre (1–2 hours).

Photo by: Aleš Zdešar, www.slovenia.info

Along the nearby trails of the Slovenian ski capital

Kranjska Gora is known as the cosmopolitan ski centre of the Julian Alps. It is very popular among hikers, as it is a great starting point for a variety of diverse mountain trails.
Hiking trail: Kranjska gora – Martuljek – the First Martuljek waterfall – Ingo – Lake Jasna in Kranjska Gora
Duration: 6–7 hours
Length: 10 (12) km
Altitude difference: 200 m
Difficulty level: easy
Start: car park in front of the Jožica restaurant (you can start the trail in Kranjska Gora and continue to Martuljek along Sava Dolinka)
Finish: Lake Jasna

Trail description: Transfer to Gozd Martuljek (1 hour). Hiking along the beautiful gorge of the Martuljščica stream will bring you to the Finžgar Chapel (1 h 15 min), which offers breathtaking views of the Špik group mountain range (the Julian Alps). There is a local inn close by offering refreshments before you continue on your way along the connecting route through the forest to Lake Jasna (see photo) in Kranjska Gora. Transfer back to Bled (1.5 hours).

Photo by: Jaka Arbutina, www.slovenia.info

Following the footsteps of the Russian prisoners

Vršič is considered the highest Slovenian mountain pass. It offers picturesque views of the Soča valley. Below Vršič is a memorial chapel dedicated to the Russian prisoners who built the mountain road.
Hiking trail: Vršič pass – Slemenova Špica (1,909 m) – Vršič (Poštarski dom hut) – The Russian Road – Vršič pass
Duration: 6–7 hours
Length: 10 km
Altitude difference: 400 m
Difficulty level: easy
Start and finish: car park at the Erjavec hut on Vršič

Trail description: Transfer to the Vršič pass (1.5 hours). Hiking along a picturesque trail, you come to the Vratca pass (1,799 m) and continue to the Slemenova Špica panoramic summit (1.5 hours). From there, you can enjoy the views of the highest peaks of neighbouring Austria and Italy, and sometimes even all the way to the famous Planica Nordic Centre and the Tamar valley. You return partially along the same trail, over the Vršič pass, where you can treat yourself to coffee and a snack in the mountain hut, and continue to the Poštarski dom hut in Vršič (see photo) with its unforgettable views of the rock-carved maiden, Ajdovska deklica, on the northern side of Prisojnik. Return to the starting point (2.5 hours) along the old Russian Road from the First World War. On your way back to Bled (1.5 hours), you can stop and visit the famous Russian Chapel, which was built in memory of the Russian prisoners who built the Vršič (or Russian) Road.

Photo by: Boris Pretnar, www.slovenia.info

Experience the highest and most beautiful Karst lakes in the Alps

Triglav National Park is one of the oldest natural parks in Europe, and its Karst lakes make it one of the greatest natural features in the Julian Alps.
Hiking trail: Triglav National Park – 2 days
Day one: Planina Blato – Planina pri Jezeru – Triglav Lakes Lodge – afternoon stroll to the largest lake, Ledvica (overnight stay)
Day two: Triglav Lakes – Black Lake – Komna – Savica – transfer (visit to the Savica waterfall)
Duration: 2 days
Length: Day one: 15 km; day two: 13 km
Altitude difference: max. 900 m (day one)
Difficulty level: medium
Start: Planina Blato (Bohinj)
Finish: Savica waterfall

Trail description: Triglav National Park is one of the oldest natural parks in Europe. The proposed route takes you from the Bohinj glacial valley on the eastern side of the Julian Alps, across the whole mountain range to the amazing Soča river on the western side of the Julian Alps.
Day one: Transfer to the car park at Planina Blato (1 hour). Ascend to Planina pri Jezeru (1.5 hours) and further along the mountain pastures to Triglav Lakes Lodge (2 hours). The Seven Lakes Valley was the first protected area of Triglav National Park. Take a short break at the lodge, treating yourself to some lunch before continuing your hike to the largest lake, Ledvica, (see photo) (3 h round trip), and returning to the lodge for dinner. Overnight stay.
We propose that you ascend through the Triglav Lakes Valley to the Black Lake (2 hours). From there, take the viewing trail to the Komen plateau and the Savica waterfall (3 hours).

Photo by: Aleš Zdešar, www.slovenia.info

Rest and relaxation at the Rikli Balance Hotel and Hotel Park

The refurbished Rikli Balance Hotel and Hotel Park will make sure that you recharge and relax your tired muscles in between your hiking trips. The Rikli Balance Hotel offers the largest swimming pool complex with thermal water in the Gorenjska region, and Hotel Park boasts of a world of saunas with breathtaking views of Lake Bled and Bled Castle.
Rikli Balance Hotel
At the Rikli Balance Hotel, we are bringing local tradition back to life. The hotel rooms allow you to discover the story of the Carniolan honey bee, traditional Gorenjska embroideries, the honey dough heart, the spruce from the nearby Pokljuka, and of Arnold Rikli, the Swiss natural healer who founded a natural health resort in Bled in the 19th century. Hotel guests enjoy free admission to the hotel swimming pool complex, with its amazing views of Lake Bled and Bled Castle. Our restaurants serve local and traditional dishes.
Hotel Park
The refurbished Hotel Park now tells the story of water and the park, the largest natural features in its surroundings. The hotel is located in the centre of Bled, directly on the shore of Lake Bled, and in the midst of the famous Bled Promenade. There is a completely refurbished Spa Park, with a large indoor swimming pool with heated thermal water, Finnish and infrared saunas, and Turkish baths with panoramic views of Lake Bled and Bled Castle.

The perfect getaway in Bled

Nature, fresh air, regeneration, boutique and authentic experiences, and safe and sustainable R & R is what tourists treasure, and what Bled undoubtedly offers. Bled has been the holder of the gold label of the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism since 2018, and in 2019, the international non-profit Green Destinations project crowned it the number two sustainable destination in Europe. Lonely Planet, which publishes globally renowned travel guides, lists Bled as number 6 in the top 10 destinations offering unique and unforgettable experiences.

Safe, unique, and unforgettable

Condé Nast Traveller named this Slovenian Alpine Pearl the Best 2021 Destination. In the same year, Slovenia will hold the title of the European Region of Gastronomy, which means that in addition to breathtaking natural features, Bled offers culinary masterpieces. To make sure that your holiday is not only unforgettable but also carefree, Sava Hoteli Bled have implemented upgraded hygiene measures, Hygiene Standard Plus, which means that all you need to do is enjoy yourself, forget about your worries, and recharge with the healing energy of the pristine nature close to home!

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