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Tips for a multi-day stay in Bled

3-day winter getaway for families

Day 1

  • A walk around the lake
    Bled has several must-see magical spots that you need to visit when you arrive. Start with a walk around Lake Bled to get a feel for this Alpine gem and enjoy the enchanting views. If you get tired, you can complete the loop around the lake in a fiacre, a traditional horse-drawn carriage – another Bled custom that has been carried from one generation to the next. Photo: Dean Dubokovič
  • The island and the wishing bell
    If you don’t mind the winter air, take a ride in a traditional “pletna” boat or a modern electric boat and visit the island in Lake Bled. It was once a temple to Živa, the goddess of love, but today it is the home of the romantic little church of St. Mary Help of Christians and its famous wishing bell dating back to 1943. Photo:, Franci Ferjan
  • The original Bled cream cake at the Park Café
    Having sent your wishes into the sky, it is time for some refreshment. The Park Café serves a variety of sweet treats, including the legendary original Bled cream cake and a special winter range of hot chocolate drinks. To burn off the calories, you can climb up to Bled Castle and take in the bird’s eye view of Bled. 
  • Ice skating with the most beautiful view
    To round off the day, stop at our refurbished café, put on a pair of ice skates and try your hand at a few laps on the ice rink with the most beautiful view in the world. 

Day 2

  • Tobogganing and skiing on Straža
    If you are a fan of winter sports, treat yourself to a day of tobogganing and skiing on Straža. Located southeast of the lake, this hill offers some magnificent views. In winter, skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts can take a ski lift to the summit and enjoy the small but well-maintained slope. 
  • Family photos as a souvenir from Ojstrica
    When you’ve had your fill of snow sports, take a leisurely 30 min walk to the nearby Ojstrica, which is particularly popular for its breathtaking views of Lake Bled and the Sava plain. This is the perfect opportunity to take some panoramic shots of Bled and capture an unforgettable moment with your family. Photo:, Jacob Riglin
  • Pampering at the Živa Wellness Centre
    When you return to Bled, you will probably want a place to rest and get warm. Visit the Živa Wellness Centre in the Rikli Balance Hotel, where you can soak in thermal water while still enjoying a view of the lake.

Day 3

  • Daytrip to Krvavec, Vogel or Pokljuka
    Bled lies in the heart of the Julian Alps. It is perfectly situated for winter sports enthusiasts to visit a different ski resort every day. On day 3 of your stay, why not catch the Bled winter shuttle for a day of skiing on Krvavec or Vogel. Alternatively, Pokljuka is a veritable paradise for cross-country skiing, winter hikes, snowshoe hiking and ski touring. It also has a popular sports centre for families and a world-famous biathlon centre. 
  • Traditional and local flavours
    Having spent the day outside, you will return to Bled ready to sample the traditional and local dishes at the Veranda Restaurant in the Rikli Balance Hotel. Be sure to request a typical Gorenjska delicacy such as mohant cheese or Arctic char. Stop for refreshment at the hotel bar, try a homemade honey drink, mountain drink or spruce shoot drink and sample some Bled tapas. 
  • Get warm in the sauna
    Feeling full and pleasantly tired, visit the Živa Wellness Centre for some water fun before bed. Warm yourself in the unique saunas – don’t miss our memorable outdoor sauna – and enjoy a perfect ending to a day of sports and activities.

Tips for a 3 day getaway to Bled for couples

Day 1

  • A carriage ride around the lake
    The path around Lake Bled will take your breath away again and again. An hour-long winter walk hand in hand or a ride in a traditional horse-drawn carriage can be equally romantic. The fairytale winter setting will add a spring to your step, while the fresh air will fill you with energy.
  • 99 steps to the top of the island
    There are a total of 99 steps to the church that sits atop the island on Lake Bled. If a couple wants to get married on the island, ancient tradition dictates that the groom must carry the bride up all 99 steps. Every day, visitors to the island also ring the wishing bell, hoping that it will help their wishes and dreams come true.
  • The poetry of food
    After a busy day of sightseeing, nothing feels better than an exclusive dinner at the Julijana Restaurant in the Grand Hotel Toplice, which only accommodates 20 guests and boasts a terrace on the most beautiful part of Lake Bled. The Julijana Restaurant has a Gault & Millau rating of 3 hats, so you can look forward to an unforgettable dining experience. 
  • Slovenian wine tasting
    For a perfect end to the day, join a 2 hour organised wine tasting, which takes place in a 100-year-old wine cellar. The tasting includes 7 top Slovenian wines selected by expert connoisseurs.

Day 2

  • Panoramic views for two
    If you are a fan of hiking and mountaineering, don’t miss Mala Ojstrica, which is particularly popular for its breathtaking views of Lake Bled and the Sava plain. It is a perfect spot for taking panoramic shots of Bled and capturing unforgettable moments. 
  • Snowshoe hiking in Bled
    Snowshoe hiking is gradually becoming one of the most popular winter activities in Slovenia. All you need for this unique sport is a pair of snowshoes and some snow. You will feel as if you are gliding along on clouds! Snowshoe hiking is similar to walking and running. Try your hand at this ancient activity and enjoy the beautiful sights of the Triglav National Park.
  • Get warm together
    Getting pampered in the warm is the perfect way to end a day spent in the fresh air. Visit the Živa Wellness Centre in the Rikli Balance Hotel and soak in thermal water or get warm in one of their saunas with the most beautiful view of Bled.

Day 3

  • Skiing in Kranjska Gora
    Skiing enthusiasts will be delighted to learn that Bled is ideally situated for access to a number of ski resorts. With over 30 km of ski slopes, Kranjska Gora is a perfect choice!
  • An elegant wellness fairytale
    After a morning on the slopes, a visit to the luxury Luisa Spa in the Grand Hotel Toplice is more than welcome. The beneficial effects of the thermal water and treatments such as the Luisa Spring of Beauty for her and the Luisa Elixir for him will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed for a pleasant end to the day. 
  • A sweet farewell to the ice rink until next time
    Before leaving Bled, be sure to stop at the most romantic ice rink in the world – the one on the terrace of Bled’s Park Café. The original Bled cream cake will taste even better on ice skates, especially while enjoying the view of one of the world’s most beautiful lakes.

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