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The rich heritage of Arnold Rikli

The first natural healing institute

The son of a Swiss factory owner, Arnold Rikli (1823-1906) had studied the healing power of nature since his youth. He came across Bled entirely by coincidence, following the advice of some friends after recovering from a severe illness. Even during his first visit in 1852, he was impressed by the fresh air, the clear lake, the mild Alpine climate and the views of the Julian Alps, all of which helped him recuperate and get his strength back. Making the most of the local healing properties, he established a natural healing institute, where he later took care of thousands of patients. He also used to institute to develop his own hydrotherapy methods – natural methods of healing, which he trusted more than traditional drugs and modern medicine.

Rikli’s methods of treatment at Sava Hoteli Bled

Rikli focused on Bled’s natural properties – the fresh air, the water and the sunshine – for improved well-being. He encouraged plenty of exercise in the fresh air, high-quality vegetarian food in moderation and refreshing sleep. In Bled, we have incorporated a number of his methods of healing into modern treatments. Living the Rikli lifestyle means getting up before sunrise, drinking fresh Bled water on an empty stomach, walking barefoot in the meadows covered with morning dew, enjoying light meals, swimming, sunbathing and taking lots of walks in the fresh Alpine air.

The Rikli regeneration room at the Rikli Balance Hotel

The Rikli regeneration room offers a soothing environment for total relaxation and regeneration. 100% natural materials such as wool and wood are used for comfort, while chromotherapy with red, white, blue and green light has a cleansing, relaxing, harmonising and reinvigorating effect. One part of the Rikli regeneration rooms has moss on the wall to purify the air and contribute to the total regeneration of the body and the spirit.
Holistic relaxation at the Živa Wellness Centre
Treat yourself to Rikli-style holistic relaxation at the Živa Wellness Centre in the Rikli Balance Hotel – thermal water and an extensive range of wellness programmes with an Alpine character!

The Rikli bath (water, sun or wind)
A bath with an emulsion of your choice (water, sun or wind) to reinvigorate your body and spirit with the energy of nature.
Rikli’s Day ritual
This programme for total relaxation and regeneration of the body and spirit using Rikli’s methods of natural healing includes: unlimited admission to the saunas and pools, selected herb scrub, a healthy meal, massage with spruce shoot bundles and a healthy beverage in the relaxation room.

Rikli’s relaxation park

Situated next to the Rikli Balance Hotel, the Rikli relaxation park is the perfect place to slow down and treat yourself to a few quiet moments for your own well-being. Escape from everyday life, forget about your stress and worries on the Rikli barefoot trail, find a safe haven in nature, hug a tree and restore your health. Join a yoga class in the beautiful park to calm your mind, relax your body and improve your well-being. Shake off the stress, hug a tree and find inner peace through yoga. More >>

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