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3-day autumn family getaway to the Alpine gem of Gorenjska

3-day family getaway to Bled

Day 1

  • The island and the wishing bell

    Do you believe in magic? Then take your place in one of the traditional “pletna” boats, a modern electric-powered boat, or rent your own rowing boat and visit the island on Lake Bled. It was once a temple to Živa, the goddess of love, but today it is the home of the romantic little church of St. Mary Help of Christians and its famous wishing bell dating back to 1943. (© Photo: Jošt Gantar, www.bled.si.)

  • Meet the Carniolan honey bee at the educational beehive
    Visit the educational beehive in Selo pri Bledu, where Danijela and Blaž Ambrožič will teach you about the life of the Carniolan honey bee. At the end of the guided tour, there's a delicious tasting of various honey varieties, honey liqueur, home-made cookies, flower pollen, and raw honeycomb. (© Photo: Jošt Gantar, www.bled.si.)

Day 2

  • A family cycling trip in the Radovna valley
    Discover the beauty of Bled and its surroundings on bikes! This easy trail through the idyllic Radovna valley leads from the village of Krnica to one of the oldest surviving buildings in the Triglav National Park, the Pocar farm and museum. Along the way, we recommend stopping at the points with information panels about the valley and its sights. A small tip - to make the initial ascent a bit easier, we recommend renting electric bicycles at the Park Hotel reception.You can find more information about cycling routes in and around Bled here. (© Photo: Jošt Gantar, www.bled.si.)
  • A visit to the Zois Park
    After discovering the secrets of Bled and its surroundings on bicycles, visit the Zois park in Javorniški Rovt and get to know the area’s rich history. The park is full of traces of prehistoric life in these parts. With petrified flora and fauna, local cultural heritage, spruce forests with an educational forest path, an emerald green lake, the Karl Zois botanical garden, the proximity of mountain trails and many other highlights, visitors will find plenty of sights and activities to keep them busy. Learning about petrified objects, the remnants of animals and plants that lived millions of years ago, is interesting not only for experts, but also for young explorers, stirring their imagination when they find fossils of tracheophytes, horsetails, bryozoans, sea lilies, urchins, shells and snails.
  • Ice cream and Bled cream cake at the Park Café
    After a colourful day full of learning about history, you can enjoy a refreshment or two in our Park Café, where children can treat themselves to our award-winning ice cream, while parents can indulge in a slice of the Original Bled cream cake, which we have been making at the Park Café for 66 years! 

Day 3

  • A visit to the Bled Vintgar Gorge
    A trip to the Bled Vintgar gorge is something you should definitely not miss while visiting Bled! The path to the Vintgar gorge takes us along Lake Bled, through the villages of Spodnje Gorje and Podhom, all the way to the entrance of this picturesque Alpine gorge. What follows is a half-hour walk through the 1,600-metre-long gorge carved out by the emerald-green mountain river Radovna. The path through the gorge leads over wooden bridges, from which you can observe waterfalls, rapids and pools created by the river along its path. (© Photo: Jošt Gantar, www.bled.si.)
  • A surprise basket for a family picnic
    After a pleasant trip, you deserve a nice picnic by the lake with a surprise basket that we prepare for you at the hotel. It's filled with various snacks and sweet surprises for a perfect family picnic with unforgettable views of the beauties of Bled. 
  • The pool complex at the Živa Wellness Centre

    At the end of your day, nothing will relax you more than treating your sore muscles with some thermal water in the Živa Wellness Centre, which boasts the largest swimming pool complex in the Gorenjska region. It's comprised of 6 pools, a massage tub on the top floor, where you can relax and enjoy yourself with a view of Bled Castle, children's pools, and even a fun indoor water slide!

3-day couples getaway to Bled

Day 1

  • A bicycle trip through the villages of Bled
    After a delicious breakfast, you can hop on bikes, rented at the Park Hotel reception, and ride from Bled towards Koritno, through Bodešče, Ribno, Selo (where you can also visit the local beekeepers), and finally through Mlino to Lake Bled. Along the lake and below Vila Bled, the path will lead you to Mala Zaka. After that, you ascend towards Rečica and take the bicycle path along the north ring road to return to the centre of Bled. (© Photo: Andrej Tarfila, www.bled.si.)

    You can find more information about cycling routes in and around Bled here.

  • A culinary experience worthy of a Michelin award

    After a busy day of sightseeing, nothing feels better than an exclusive dinner at the Julijana Restaurant in the Grand Hotel Toplice, which only accommodates up to 20 guests and boasts a terrace along the most beautiful part of Lake Bled. The creation of gourmet dishes is overseen by chef Simon Bertoncelj. His creative direction has won the Julijana Restaurant the prestigious Michelin Plate 2020 for fresh ingredients and good cooking, and 3 Gault&Millau chef's hats. The Julijana Restaurant offers not only a stunning view of the lake, but also a culinary experience worthy of a Michelin award!

  • Pampering at the Živa Wellness Centre at the Rikli Balance Hotel

    End your day with something special and treat yourself to a relaxing time at the Živa Wellness Centre, located on the top floor of the recently renovated Rikli Balance Hotel, offering the most beautiful views of the unique beauties of Bled. In addition to enjoying the largest pool complex in Gorenjska, you can also indulge in various alpine rituals and massages, or warm up in the world of saunas. 

Day 2

  • Boat rental and rowing to the island

    Take a rowing boat and enjoy a private picnic right in the middle of beautiful Lake Bled. You can also row to the island and enjoy the breathtaking views.  You can find information on renting a boat at the Hotel Park reception. (© Photo: Jošt Gantar, www.bled.si.)

  • Rikli’s Relaxation Park

    For those seeking relaxation, we suggest a visit to Rikli's Relaxation Park in the immediate vicinity of the Rikli Balance Hotel, where you will find a place to focus on yourself and gather new strength. You can relieve your stress on Rikli's barefoot trail, and escape your daily worries by retreating into nature, where you can embrace a tree and restore your well-being. There is also the option of practicing yoga in the beautiful environment of the park, which is sure to calm your thoughts and relax your body.

  • A romantic dinner at the Park Café

    While enjoying the most magnificent view of the Bled scenery, you can flip through our wine list and order one of our many warm or cold specialities. It is of course no secret that our main passion is desserts. Besides the one and only original Bled cream cake, you can choose to highlight your dinner with any one of our delicious cakes and ice creams made in-house from fresh ingredients.

Day 3

  • The stunning beauty of the Triglav National Park

    The Triglav National Park, the only national park in the country, lies in the immediate vicinity of Bled, and covers one of the most beautiful parts of Slovenia, encompassing almost the entirety of the Julian Alps. The valleys and plateaus are covered with a carpet of green forests and pastures, with high peaks of bold and pointed shapes rising up above them. Clear mountain streams and small rivers, which later merge into two larger ones - the Sava and the Soča, flow through the numerous ravines, beautiful gorges and troughs like Vintgar, Mlinarica and Mostnica. High up in the mountains lie the Triglav and Kriška jezera lakes, and in Bohinj, you can find Lake Bohinj – the largest permanent natural lake in Slovenia.

  • Lake Bled through the eyes of carriage drivers

    Lake Bled and the beauty that surrounds it can be viewed in several different ways. One of them is taking a traditional horse-drawn carriage called a fiacre, which will take you for a ride around the lake or sight-seeing in the surrounding area! The fiacre represents one of the many customs that has been passed on from one generation to the next, with fiacre drivers being easily distinguishable by their traditional livery. (© Photo: Jošt Gantar, www.bled.si.)

  • A romantic picnic with culinary delights from a renowned chef

    Bled offers plenty of opportunities to pleasantly discover hidden nooks and crannies, and why not wander into the unknown, surrounded by beautiful Alpine views. For the perfect romantic experience, treat yourselves to an exclusive picnic basket full of goodies and culinary delights from our chef Simon Bertoncelj. Your basket also includes sparkling wine!

3-day getaway to Bled for active holiday-goers

Day 1

  • Jelovica – a unique protected environment in the highlands

    Start the day by climbing up to the Jelovica plateau, which stretches between 900 and 1,600 metres above sea level. Its highest peak is Partizanski vrh, which reaches an altitude of 1,441 metres. Jelovica is quite similar in composition and appearance to the Pokljuka plateau, only smaller. Fewer mountains means less space for livestock, and the forests there are home to many bird species that cannot be found elsewhere.

  • A bicycle trip along the trail of famous Slovenian beekeepers
    Are you ready to take your bike and discover the history of famous Slovenian beekeepers? Taking your electric bicycles that you can rent at the Hotel Park reception, you will start from the centre of Bled, ride along the lake and on to the village of Mlino, continuing past other scattered villages with interesting cultural sights and many old farms still active today. The whole trip is quite easy and lasts about 3 hours. However, we would suggest that you undertake it in the company of an experienced cycling guide.

    You can find more information about cycling routes in and around Bled here.

  • Experience adrenaline on the Dolinka Zipline

    Do you like the feeling of flying? Then you absolutely must try the Dolinka Zipline! Experienced guides will take you through the Sava Dolinka valley, a Natura 2000 area, protected as a natural monument due to its exceptional natural properties. You will cross the valley above the river on seven different ziplines measuring between 325 and 700 m, with a total length of 4 km.

Day 2

  • Mežakla
    Mežakla is a plateau with an elevation between 1,000 and 1,300 metres. It is situated between the rivers Radovna and Sava Dolinka, and is mostly covered with a spruce and beech forest. The plateau is part of the Triglav National Park, untouched and undeveloped for tourism. It is interspersed with pastures, where cattle still graze today, and many clear springs and torrential streams. However, the real attraction on Mežakla is the natural 15-metre-high bridge over a ravine, which was created due to the erosive action of water and the uneven weathering of various different rock types.

    Foto: Nea Culpa (www.slovenia.info)

  • A new attractive Bled scenic trail
    The Bled Scenic Trail is a new, attractive, circular trail route around Lake Bled, which encompasses all the best views of the Slovenian Alpine gem, and connects all the main peaks around Bled: Bled Castle, Kuhovnca, Ojstrica, Osojnica and Straža. The nearly 14-kilometre-long trail, which will take you a good 4 hours of hiking time, will amaze you and give you a bird's eye view of the lake, the island, as well as other nearby and distant attractions.
  • Alpine rituals according to the healer Arnold Rikli

    Natural healer, Arnold Rikli, founded a healing centre in Bled in the 19th century. At the Živa Wellness Centre, we still follow his holistic approach to well-being today. After an active day, treat your body to some rest and try our Alpine wellness programmes, massages and baths. The power of nature will invigorate your body and soul!

Day 3

  • A hiking trip to Galetovec for the best views of Lake Bled
    You start the hike at the Rot inn in the village of Bohinjska Bela. A physically undemanding marked path will lead you over the Belca stream and along an asphalt road through the village, and immediately after the railway underpass, take the road to the right, and after a 15-minute walk, you will reach the first houses of the hamlet of Slamniki. You then continue your journey uphill along the cart path. Along the path, you will reach a sign that points you to the left, and then continue up the steep path to reach the road to Belska planina. Then you follow this cart path, turn left at the junction, and follow the markings towards the top. The entire hike takes about two and a half hours.
  • Wind in your hair on horseback
    A holiday is an ideal opportunity to try something new. Maybe experience the beauty of Bled on the back of a noble animal like a horse? Bled with its surroundings offers horse and riding lovers all-round possibilities. Horses, as well as riding instructors, are available to Bled tourists by prior agreement. Feel the excitement and the wind in your hair while enjoying the views of natural beauty.
  • Enjoy the view of Bled from the air

    Have you ever seen the world from a bird's eye view? Climb up among the clouds and fly over Bled! Panoramic hot air balloon flights over Bled and the surrounding area offer a unique experience. The flight is tranquil, with the direction depending on the wind. Before the flight, guests can also see the preparation of the hot air balloon. Are you ready for this unique experience?

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