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Nature – the inspiration for the refreshed look of Hotel Park

With the refurbishment, Hotel Park became an elegant hotel with a unique location on the promenade of Lake Bled, and with the best views of the inspirational beauties of Bled. The inspiration for the refurbishment was nature. Bled is a unique Alpine pearl on a global scale. Situated on the edge of the Triglav National Park in the midst of breathtaking nature, it combines two extremely important natural elements, water and the forest. Water and the forest are two natural features that served as the main guiding principle in the refurbishment of Hotel Park. The story and offer of Hotel Park were designed in combination with urban elegance, comfort, and sustainable elements, keeping in mind the health and well-being of our guests. As soon as you enter Hotel Park, you will be amazed by the truly magnificent views of Lake Bled, reminding you that you are on holiday – welcome! A completely new and unique appearance has been given to the indoor thermal pool, the wellness centre, and saunas on the upper floor of the hotel, which offer breathtaking views of the lake on one side and majestic trees on the other.

Respecting tradition in the renovation of Grand Hotel Toplice

We are working on a project for the refurbishment of the most elegant hotel in Bled, with almost 90 years of tradition, Grand Hotel Toplice. Our guiding principle in the refurbishment of this unique hotel is the respect for tradition, which is evident in the individual elements of the hotel, and the sustainability concept. We will preserve the unique elements of the hotel from the period when it was built, and slightly modernise them. Guests visiting Grand Hotel Toplice appreciate the special feeling of the hotel, provided by its interior and the proximity of Lake Bled.

Hotel Jadran with a refreshed Art Nouveau look

We are also preparing a project for the refurbishment of the Art Nouveau Hotel Jadran, with modern elements in the rooms, which with its unique location on a hill by the lake, offers amazing views of Lake Bled.

Upgrade of camping pitches to premium luxury pitches

Having upgraded the first camping pitches in the 5-star Camping Bled in 2022 to premium luxury pitches, we are planning a luxury upgrade of additional pitches in 2023, as they are in high demand among our campers. The luxury pitches offer greater living comfort for campers, as they are larger, properly landscaped, and already have all the connections on the pitch.

What's new

The concept of “How to Live Rikli’s Way”

The Rikli Balance Hotel offers guests what the Swiss healer Arnold Rikli found 200 years ago along the shores of Lake Bled – balance, tranquillity, and well-being. We continue his tradition with the desire and commitment to offer our guests the perfect environment in which to relax and overcome stress. In addition to Rikli's regeneration rooms, we also pamper our guests with wellness treatments based on Rikli’s holistic principles, as well as cuisine tailored to his concept, which advocates a light diet with full flavours.

Rijkli’s bread

Following the example of Swiss healer Arnold Rikli, we have developed a new product called “Rijkli’s bread”, which you can now buy at the Rikli Balance Hotel, or enjoy as a guest at the hotel breakfast. “Rijkli’s bread” is named after Swiss healer Arnold Rikli, who is considered a pioneer of natural healing in Bled, and the originator of atmospheric healing. Rikli was a proponent of an ascetic and vegetarian diet with fresh, high-quality food. One of the foods he liked to recommend to his followers was “Rijkli’s bread”. Because of rye flour’s high nutritional value and fibre content, and very low starch and gluten content, the bread had a positive effect on alleviating the intestinal problems of his patients. We make the modern version of “Rijkli’s bread” with sourdough starter, which is why it’s easier to digest, has a lower glycaemic index, and has a beneficial effect on the intestinal mucosa.

Michelin-worthy cuisine

To ensure that our guests have a top-of-the line culinary experience during their stay in one of the most beautiful places in the world, we have entrusted the menus of the hotel restaurants to internationally renowned chef, Simon Bertoncelj. Under his creative leadership, our Restaurant Julijana at Grand Hotel Toplice has been awarded the prestigious Michelin Plate for fresh ingredients, carefully prepared: a good meal and Recommended by Michelin. The emphasis of the hotel menus undoubtedly lies on local suppliers, and consequently, on local cuisine, which is why your table will feature fresh local vegetables and local dairy products, such as the Bohinj mohant cheese, alongside prime trout from the local fish farm, such as brook trout.

Digital service assistants Pavla and Tone

In 2021, two digital service assistants, who our staff have named Tone and Pavla, joined the waiting staff at Cafe Park. The cute and chatty assistants are intended to ease the workload of waiters when serving food and beverages, and represent the next step on the digitalisation journey of Sava Hotels & Resorts. There are currently 13 digital service assistants helping out in Sava Hoteli Bled, in Cafe Park and in the hotel restaurants.

The Rikli relaxation park
In autumn 2019, we set up the Rikli relaxation park outside the Rikli Balance Hotel. The perfect setting for outdoor yoga and connecting with nature, the park also features a barefoot trail.
The “Rikli Day” ritual at Živa Wellness
This programme, for total relaxation and regeneration of the body and spirit using Rikli’s methods of natural healing, includes unlimited admission to the saunas and pools, a selected herb scrub, a healthy meal, a massage with spruce shoot bundles, and a healthy beverage in the relaxation room.
Tips for a 3 day getaway to Bled
Bled is a town of holiday superlatives. To make it easier for you to sort through the many options and find the perfect experience in one of the most beautiful places in the world, here are some tips for a 3 day winter getaway to Bled for families and for couples.
Thanks to Sladogled and its delectable ice cream flavour, Bled has won the flattering title of the world’s best ice cream destination. In addition to the original Bled cream cake, Bled now also boasts ice cream as a landmark on the world map of delicious treats.
The Romantic Bled package
Bled is the perfect destination for a romantic holiday for two. Experience it at the Grand Hotel Toplice, where you can enjoy breakfast served in the comfort of your room, pamper your taste buds with a romantic four-course dinner created by Gault&Millau Award winning chef, Simon Bertoncelj, at the Julijana Restaurant, and luxuriate in relaxing saunas, massages, and baths for two.

Major investments in recent years


  • Rikli Balance Hotel
    The refurbished hotel with the largest conference premises in Bled is going back to its roots – back to nature and sustainability, as well as the ...
  • Park Café
    At the Park Café in Bled, essential roofing work was completed in early 2019, while a complete renovation of the interior followed in mid-January ...
  • Gozdne vile Glamping
    The Gozdne vile Glamping resort comprises 12 “forest villas”, 9 of which boast a private bathtub. These charming little wooden huts are an excell ...
  • Family glamping
    There are 4 family mobile homes available. The family mobile homes with a contemporary and highly aesthetic design, situated at the edge of the f ...
  • Premium luxury pitch at Bled Camping
    The 200 m2 premium luxury pitch at Bled Camping features a covered deck with a wood-fired hot tub and lounge chairs. Part of the pitch is covered ...

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